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Jul 31, 2008 08:26 PM

Brio Grille, Las Vegas

Anybody been to this place inside town square??? I am amazed how popular this shopping center is becoming with locals....can't wait for Whole Foods Market to open..

seems perfect for a "nightlife" destination experience... any reviews??? Thanks.

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  1. Town Square is very, very popular, especially with locals.

    The Blue Martini is packed every night during happy hour (half-price drinks and bar food)...the Yard House is also jammed (more varieties of beer than anywhere else).

    I've eaten at Brio about 5 times: it's a very pretty restaurant and the food is okay (not outstanding by any definition). You can expect to wait at least 30 minutes for a table, unless you want to sit at the uncomfortable bar.
    Last time I was there, when I asked the airhead-hostess how long the wait for a table was, she said "just 30 or 40 minutes". I told her to never put the word 'just' before 30 or 40 minutes...and then my friend and I sat at the bar.

    1. Yard House has an awesome happy hour - 1/2 price apps...M-F 3-6 pm and Sunday-Wednesday late night from 11pm-2am

      Food and drink specials (over 26 martinis and they're only 5.50 on HH)...over 130 draft beers - ALL on happy hour!!!!