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Double smoked Bacon

Ok Ive become a double smoked bacon addict and normally I go to Scheffler's Deli in SLM but i'm trying to ween myself off of going to SLM considering I now live on the west side of town. Does anyone know of a good place to buy it preferably in Kensington market or anywhere on the west side of town?

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  1. Pretty sure White House Meats sells it, and they have a Kingsway location.

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      White House -- Bloor, east of Royal York

    2. Try Brandt Meat's Factory Store in Mississauga.

      1. Report back if you find any double smoke bacon as good as Schefflers!

        1. Well thanks for the recommendations, but I was looking for something a little closer to downtown. Etobicoke seems a little far for me, I might as well go to SLM. Dont mistake my tone because I am thankful for the recommendations and will check them out if im ever in the area.

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            Superior Sausage on Dundas east of Ossington.

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              Sanagan's Meat Locker in Kensington can hook you up.

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                Nice, I will be checking out both of these places. They re both only a short bike ride away which is what I prefer.

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                  Hey mlukan,
                  How did you make out ? Find any other sources that are note worthy ?

            2. The Healthy Butcher on Queen Street West, just east of Portland.

              There house double smoked bacon is addictive like crack (not that I have tried crack, but...well you know what I mean).

              It is seriously awesome.

              The Healthy Butcher
              565 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

              1. Not sure if it's double smoked or not but Kingsway Meats on Bloor just east of Jane has great house made bacon.

                They also have the best kolbassa in the city.


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                  Double smoked is more a play on words than anything, it usually just means it is smokier than normal. Nobody in their right mind who does this sort of thing will smoke something, let it sit, then smoke it again. It's either a long cold smoke (up to 10 days, hard to find, if you do...eat it). Or it's a heavy duty warm smoke (150ish). If the bacon looks 'wet' it's a liquid smoke that has been added, even cold smoked bacon has very little liquid left in it. looks more like a farmers bacon (smoked 150, ready to eat)

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                    Burnt ends are smoked twice though.


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                      Smoked once, cooked twice. The second round is more for texture, so you get six sides of crispiness, and still tender on the inside.

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                        Actually burnt ends aren't always smoked twice (rarely). They are only cooked twice if you are trying to make more burnt ends (mostly restaurants do this) or you are cutting off a larger chunk and want to dry some more of it and maybe give it some more smoke. You would never take it out, cool it, then smoke it again. Many people don't cook them twice, they are like those prize winning roast ends so many people crave, you know the ones, salty - peppery goodness with garlic that your grandma and mom used to make, well yea that's a burnt end pretty much. Also even if you did put them back in they aren't being smoked twice, they are continuing on the same process.