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Jul 31, 2008 07:58 PM

looking for a kosher resturant in queens for a first date.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Any particular area? Main street in Kew gardens has quite a few places.

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      1. re: Shiguy

        Casual or fancy?


        Price Range?

        1. I haven't been there recently, so I hope others will help me out, but Chosen Garden in Forest Hills was the site of our first date many years ago and it was a perfect setup. Nice, quiet ambience, reasonably priced, not a real family place. After dinner, we went to Austin St. to walk around, but I hear that Austin is a lot busier now.

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            Check out Sushi Metsuyan on Main Street in Kew Gardens Hills, Queens. Beautiful aquarium and great food.

          2. FYI, as a Queens girl myself, I will tell you that we absolutely hated being taken to restaurants on Main St. Way too many people we knew, families, kids we babysat for. You get the picture. Especially for a first date where everything is awkward. Better to do Forest Hills or Great Neck. Actually, Great Neck is a great idea. Lots of nice restaurants and some nice places to walk around.

            1. Hapsigah on Union Turnpike near 147th street is a good steakhouse.

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                Chosen Gardens (Chinese)- Forest Hills
                Hapisgah (Mideastern) - Kew Garden Hills (KGH)
                Colbeh(Persian)- KGH
                Sushi Metsuyan (Asian Fusion)- KGH

                These places are not cheap.

                There is more casual dining available as well, if you are interested.

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                  Nu? I'd like to know how the date went!