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Jul 31, 2008 07:26 PM

Good place for lunch in Moline, IL or Davenport, IA?

Any suggestions for a place to eat in Moline, IL or Davenport, IA? We're foodies, but not fussy.

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  1. This area is more correctly titled the "Quad Cities" because it contains Davenport and Bettendorf on the Iowa side and Moline and Rock Island on the Illinois side. My experimentation in this area is pretty limited based on the fact that I can't find people to eat with and I'm not the single dining type.

    Wherever you go for lunch you need to hit a Whitey's (local chain) for desert and order a shake/malt. Seriously.

    If you're interested in BBQ everybody says Jim's Rib Haven is great, but everytime I go I have to say I'm disappointed. Supposedly the one in Moline is still run by the original pitmaster and is better, but the one in Rock Island I've been to is purpoted to be run by the son of the pitmaster and the one I've found disappointing.

    If you're willing to go a little way out of your way Green's Tea in Muscatine has good lunch food. Great soup, good sandwhiches, good deserts*. As for the tea and coffee...well I don't know enough about them to tell you the quality, but I enjoy both selections and there's a pretty varied menu of coffees and teas.

    Moon River in Andalusia (right outside the Quad cities) is pretty decent too, but I don't know if it serves lunch. A new place with a mostly fresh menu, the decor is very old-school piano bar, including a piano player at least on the Friday I was there. It's a converted chain restaurant and little bits and pieces of the building bleeds through to somewhat spoil the decor.

    Honestly, as someone who lives in the area I'd like to know more from others who live here about what's good and what sucks myself.

    * sometimes great deserts. They get their deserts from a local baker who makes mouthwatering stuff but Green's has a pretty conservative selection of her works, which is too bad because the experimental stuff is what's the best from her.

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      First, the Faithful Pilot in LeClaire is my favorite. It's fine dining, in a quiant aptmosphere, and the menu is always changing. That said, I think they are only open for dinner and Sunday brunch.

      Now for lunch...the following are not even close to fancy. Nor are they for the diner on a diet, but all are QC staples.

      Belgian Village in Old Town Moline has humongous rubens that are the best anywhere.

      Waterfront Deli in Bettendorf makes my favorite chicken salad (Cardiac Sandwhich)

      Boozie's in Davenport has great hambergers (Boozie Burgers)

      Bud's Skyline Inn near the airport is good. I love the creamy garlic dressing

      Sneaky Pete's in LeClaire has good catfish

      Lavender Crest Winery is deli food in a nice aptmosphere.

      Circle Tap in Davenport isn't a bbq joint, but I like their ribs

      The Filling Station in Davenport has a huge tenderloin sandwich (so does the airport acually)

      Iowa Machine Shed has food from the farm. Famous for their stuffed Iowa pork chop

      Sanchos or Ganzos both in Davenport for Mexican food

      Hungry Hobo is good for sub sandwiches. Think Subway, only local and much better.

      If it's a lunch, to cure a hangover try Rudy's Tacos in the East Village or Ross's in Bettendorf, for perfectly greasy fare

      After lunch definilty Whitey's or Country Style or Lagomarcino's are a must


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        Can go wrong with the Faithful Pilot or Sneaky Pete's.

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          Okay people, have you not been to Frieda's in East Moline? Frieda ROCKS MY WORLD! Authentic German cooking, breakfast/lunch at least Tues-Sat, can't remember if it's open Monday, definitely closed Sunday. Dinner once a month. Frieda is the bomb and I will be so sad when she retires for real (she had a buyer but the buyer backed out). Her french toast for breakfast is amazing, all her desserts are great (loved the German Chocolate Cake especially), and I really liked her sauerbraten last time I was there. I don't live in the QC yet but will be moving there in August, but I go to Frieda's once or twice when I'm visiting.

          Also, have you been by Froehlich Bakery in downtown Moline? Great stuff there too. Jeff was featured in Alton Brown's Good Eats.

          I've been told regularly good stuff about the 5th Ave Cafe in Rock Island (now moved to Moline), but my one experience there wasn't to die for - small menu, but well done! But worth going back.

          And, I love that the QC have some of the only Burmese food in the country! Burmese restaurants are SUPER rare (like, around 10 in the whole USA), and there are two in the QC, one in Moline and one in Southpark Mall. Rangoon Cafe is the one in Moline, don't know if the mall location has the same name. The food was really interesting!

          Also, try Cafe Fresh in downtown Moline! They moved further towards East Moline, and 5th Ave Cafe took their old location.

          I went to the Brown Bottle in Moline (new location) and was not super impressed. The food didn't do the ambiance justice. Salad was so bad I told them (after I got the bill and it was safe!) that it would have been much better not to serve any salad at all than to put what they did on my plate. But the fish I and my companion had were both good, and not skimpy on fish portions. The dessert was gimmicky (malted milk ball pie), but I did go for the gimmick.

          La Rancherita is good for Mexican in Rock Island.

          That's all I got. I'll be on the lookout once I relocate, though!

          1. re: aquapacata

            Love the pizza at Huckleberry's in dwntwn RI. Not cheap, but worth it.

            1. re: ddfry3

              Heard good things about Huckleberry, ddfry! But I haven't been there yet. I see them listed in conjunction with Daytrotter shows, too.

    2. ~Erawan in Rock Island, IL - Thai - Tom Yum Soup is great.
      ~Dragon House in Davenport, IA - Pho is great.
      ~Osaka in Bettendorf, IA - Japenese steakhouse and sushi.
      ~Taquiera La Rosa de Michoacan, East Moline, IL - great mexican and pozole.
      ~Jim's Rib Haven - BBQ - East Moline and Rock Island. All I get are the ribs. Their potato salad and baked beans are good, too.
      ~Trattoria Tiramisu - Bettendorf, IA - Italian.
      ~Harris Pizza - many QC locations.
      ~BVI - VandeRuben Sandwich - Two locations in Moline on 7th Street.
      ~Arthur's Garden Deli - Sandwiches, Etc. - Rock Island, IL 38th Street.

      Aqua, thanks for the mention of Frieda's in East Moline. I've never been there. Lived here my while life. Will certainly try.

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        Oh great, Aloha! Let me know how you like Frieda's!! I'm excited you're going. My s.o. and I talk up Frieda all the time and I'm shocked how many people in our circles do not know her. We're slowly converting the masses on that one... Stumbled upon her after seeing her card in the QC Visitors Center in Moline. I need to check out Trattoria Tiramisu. Several people have suggested that one, and I love great Italian. Have been to BVI but didn't get the Reuben yet. Maybe on my next visit!