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Jul 31, 2008 06:37 PM

Dinner in or around E. Northport

I'll be in E. Northport tomorrow around 7pm. Where should we have dinner? Like Sushi and Indian, but am open to anything. We will be traveling back to Bayside - so... anything in that direction would also be OK.

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  1. Right in East Northport, the best place is Blue Room (just North of Pulaski and the Library). Eclectic American.

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      Visited a friend recently in East Northport and went to Blue Room. The night we were there they had live music which was nice. Enjoyed the food and the room.

    2. huntington is close by and and your route.there's tons of choices there.

      1. There's always Northport, too - there's a good sushi restaurant downtown, plus a good Italian restaurant called Maroni's or something like that. The restaurants are tiny but if you can't get in, there's a nice wine bar on Main Street and they will order in from the restaurants for you.