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Jul 31, 2008 05:55 PM

Sat. Red Sox game and where to eat....

We usually eat before we go the game but due to time conflicts need to eat near the park. Haven't explored Kenmore area in a while and not sure where to get a quick but decent bite to eat. Last time we tried Elephant walk and were not thrilled with the selection. ECG in Kendall at this time I believe is under construction and closed.

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  1. The best is Eastern Standard, but that may depend on how soon you get there before the game, it gets full. I have had great success at La Verdad, 1.5 to 2 hours before first pitch you should be able to get seats outside for good people watching. The food, and cocktails, are great either way.

    1. If you head west, Audubon Circle has a great new menu, but tends to fill up early. Sol Azteca had a nice patio and Mexican sort of food. Not great, but fun. Two blocks away is the Beacon St. Tavern, great food, good drinks and service and also a patio. On the other side of the park, on Boylston St. is Burton;s I've never been there, but have friends who rave about it. Eastern Standard still is the best of all the places suggested.

      1. ECG is in Inman unless they are opening a second branch.
        If you meant Inman, didn't realize the original restaurant was under construction. ?