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Jul 31, 2008 04:34 PM

Braised beef (not short) ribs?

I just bought a bunch of beef ribs. They are individual ribs, not short ribs. Can I braise them? I thought I would put them in the crock pot with wine and vegetables and let them stew all day. Will they be tender and delicious and falling off the bone, or not?


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  1. Should be no problem. Brown them and sweat the veggies a little in a skillet first, and do a wine like a zin or merlot....cut the wine maybe 3:1 with beef stock.

    1. They should be fantastic, tender, and almost falling off the bone - not totally limp, but toothsome enough to be satisfying.

      Coupla other things I do with beef ribs: I used to use marrow type bones to make broth for our weekly Sunday morning tomato/veg/noodle soup. Not having any, I once used beef ribs. The broth was much more complex and tasty. Plus the bonus of gnawing on a rib alongside the long-simmered soup. I use beef ribs almost exclusively now (brown and braise).

      They're also great on the grill....oh boy.

        1. I don't do them in crock pot, instead, I cook them on stovetop. IMO, crock pot water down the flavor a bit. I brown the ribs, then garlic, onion, canned whole tomatoes, red wine and bay leave, let it cook on low for couple hours. It came out tender and fall off the bone. Serve with garlic mashed potato or home made biscuit... hmmm good!