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Jul 31, 2008 04:30 PM

Flap Meat

I have been looking for months for this particular cut of meat (beef). It is extremely popular in Southern California, where it is known as "arrachera". I found it at Restaurant Depot in Queens, but they only sell it in 10 to 11 pound packages (much too much for my grilling needs). Please let me know of any locations in the City (preferably Brooklyn) that sell this cut.

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  1. they have it at Costco in Sunset park. It's a great cut of meat.

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    1. re: ramen girl

      Great!! Thanks so much. It is my favorite for grilling.

      1. re: wjdevista

        What exactly is "flap meat"? How is it different from flank steak?, which looks pretty much like a flap to me....

        1. re: EricMM

          Bottom sirloin flap meat is much better for grilling than flank steak. I have made several attempts to research it online and have had little success. As the name indicates, it is part of the sirloin. Other than that, I just know that it tastes good!!

      2. Try International Meats on 30th ave by 36th street. I think they carry it on a regular basis. Phone: 718 626 6656.


          This piqued my interest. Anyone find it for sure?