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Best Pizza

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Can anyone tell me where the best traditional pizza is in Boston?

Thank You

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  1. one vote for Gran Gusto in Cambridge.

      1. man, this is the proverbial can of worms post and possibily the most discussed thread on the board. a search will yield you enough posts for DAYS of reading. even the designation "traditional" is hotly debated. good luck.

        that said..start at regina's in the north end and keep eating

        1. Santarpios

          1. Use the "search this board" link to the right of where it says "BOSTON AREA" at the top of this page and as Hyde suggests this, will yield days if not weeks of reading material on this topic.

            1. Skip the search. Go to Regina's in the North End. Santarpio's in East Boston is also very traditional if traditional means local but Regina's is much better pizza.

              1. I'm going to run and duck as I say this, but I'm not a fan of Regina's. it's certainly a board favorite, but I did visit the one in the north end and was disappointed. Crust was very good, but the sauce/cheese combo didn't work for me.

                I only say this to make the point that you may have to try around to find the one YOU like--it's a tough task, but somebody's got to do it. :-)

                1. I like the pizza at the Waterfront Cafe better than Reginas. There, I said it.

                  1. Huge vote for Gran Gusto.