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Jul 31, 2008 03:31 PM

Screwpine/pandan Leaves

Hi does anyone know where can i buy fresh/frozen screwpine/pandan leaves that is big or even bamboo leaves?? please help me ^^ i saw alot of post on other region but can we get it in pa?

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  1. I'd wager that the Assi Market on Welsh Road near Lansdale would have such esoteric fare. I never cease to be overwhelmed by the plethora of food products they have.

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      Hey Chef ~ Good call. I was thinking the same thing.

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        hmm i dunno where that place is lol i guess im not exactly where u guys are . can anyone help me ask if i can order them online or is anyone kind enough to help me get them n ship to me of course i'll pay for everythign even tips hehe

    2. BrendaFoo - not knowing where you are, I can't point to specifics, but I do know that most Asian (specifically Chinese/Vietnamese) markets I've been to have pandan leaves (though they might not always have an English name on it). It comes frozen, so check out the frozen section of your nearby Asian marts. I've never found it to be so esoteric as to be difficult to find - like I said, pretty much any Asian market where I've bothered to look had it.

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        The place on Welsh Road near Lansdale is Assi Market, It's in a shopping center that has 2 "levels" -- the market is in the firsty parking lot, to your right as you are coming from 309 towards Lansdale. If you are really interested in Asian foods, it is a must visit. They seem to cater to all of the ethnicities in the area to one degree or another -- they even have a reasonably good Hispanic section. go figure. There is also a section with cooking implements, including rice cookers.

      2. In addition to Assi Market, in the Philadelphia area there are several asian markets where you can find them. In Northeast Philly on Adams Avenue, HK Market has a huge selection, and I am fairly sure they carry them. There are also places in Chinatown and on Washington Ave. in South Philly.

        Where in PA are you?