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Jul 31, 2008 03:31 PM

Martinez: Three dog day – Meyer’s BBQ, Hot Dog Depot, Dogs and More

My destination for the last day of National Hot Dog Month was Hot Dog Depot. However, It seems at every turn of the road … there was another hot dog joint.

Sometimes hot dogs happen.

So heading the call of the weenie, I stopped … and stopped … and stopped.

Frankly the clear wiener … uh, winner … was Meyer’s BBQ at the downtown Martinez Thursday farmers market. Second best in show was Hot Dog Depot. Hot Dogs and More went to the pound … well, the dogs next door enjoyed it.


What a beauty … charbroiled with nice blackened spots … it was snappy, spicy, juicy, smoky … Oh…My ... doG.

I forgot to ask who made the dog, but it wasn’t the usual suspects.

At first I thought the bun was going to be wrong because it was one of those soft sub types. However, this was one big puppy and the bun cradled it perfectly with the right meat to bread ratio. Not sure what other condiments were available, but I just got mustard .. the proper yellow type and appropriately squiggled on. This was the small dog ($4).

There was also a humongous foot-long. Also on the grill were the most be-yu-tiful hot links … as red as an angry face. The teriyaki sticks were looking good.

Meyers has the best lemonade I’ve had in a long time ($2). It was pink with lovely thin-shaved yellow lemon slices… very pretty. It was very tangy and lemony with the sugar doing what it should so that sweet and tart harmonized and made beautiful music together.

Meyer’s is out of Vallejo. They don’t have a retail shop but sell at a number of farmers markets.

Thank you Meyers for the perfect picnic for a dreamy midsummer’s day.


I unfortunately passed this place by for years because it advertised steamed dogs and I prefer char-broiled … big mistake.

The dogs are Swartz, a snappy dog with nice spicing. The bun is just lovely, soft, fresh and slightly sweet, almost like a mild Hawaiian bread. They are intelligently dressed with the right amount of mustard, relish, chopped onions and tomato slices. I haven’t enjoyed a basic Bay Area type dog this much since the old Kaspars closed.

It is run by a very nice Asian couple, Sue and Chin. They have house-baked cookies, pies and pastries. The bread pudding looked wonderful. However, it was just too hot to think about dessert.

They also serve breakfast. The breakfast sandwiches are on house-made English muffins with two jumbo eggs, cheese and a choice of ham, bacon, sausage, steak, potato, linguisa, or chicken breast. There are also omelets, hot cakes, French toast and breakfast burritos.

For lunch there are a number of dogs and sausages, hamburgers (they looked good), sandwiches and chicken teriyaki with their house-made sauce.

Here’s the menu


They serve steamed Miller dogs. Even though they seem to be the type with the casing, there was no snap. The condiments were off with too much sliced onion. However, it was the bun that was the worst. It just had a cardboard taste to it … though the seagulls in the marina seemed to enjoy it. At $3.75 it was over-priced.

They do have some interesting dogs on the menu though … a habenero dog and a Cajun dog. They also have espresso drinks, blended drinks like vanilla frappe, fruit smoothies and Italian sodas. There are also basic deli sandwiches.

Hot Dog Depot & Bakery
400 Ferry St, Martinez, CA

Meyers BBQ
419 Georgia, Vallejo, CA

Java Stop and Dogs and More
2385 Pacheco Blvd, Martinez, CA

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  1. Thanks for observing National Hot Dog Month in a big way!

    When I was commuting to Napa regularly, someone had mentioned Meyer's cue at the farmers market, but I didn't get a chance to try it. I'm a grilled weenie partisan too even though they're hard to find.

    Schwarz makes a good product. Hot Dog City in Santa Rosa uses them and they're quite consistent. Some of the other hot dogs sometimes have casings that are too tough or too soft. Haven't found that with Schwarz.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      I gave National Ice Cream Month a shot too ... but the Fro-yo joint in Martinez was't open. I forgot to mention that Hot Dog Depot also sells ice cream. It is Dreyers.

      I'm really sorry I didn't buy some of that bread pudding to take home. It looked wonderful. Looking at their menu while updating the place record it says their French fries are hot air cooked. I wonder what that means. I see another visit to Hot Dog Depot in my future.

      And thanks. In another post you mentioned that the beaver dam in Martinez could be seen from the street. Hard to see this time of year with all the growth along the river ... but did get a peek of it. No beavers during the day though.

      1. re: rworange

        Just reminded me that I've driven to the residence address for Meyer's. It's an apt. building and there's no storefront for retail sales. No one home either when I knocked. Crazed in the pursuit of 'cue!