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Jul 31, 2008 03:21 PM

Downtown Sac date night....

I'm picking up my super cute boyfriend at the train station downtown sacramento tomorrow evening and would like to get dinner. I'm thinking somewhere small, intimate, good food and reasonable prices. I want to stay away from anything too "hot spot-ish" (e.g. Mikuni) and would prefer to stay downtown or old town. Any ideas? Type of food doesn't really matter...

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  1. The Waterboy might suit your needs.

    1. Chanterelle, before they close permanently.

      1. I know this is after-the-fact, but if you ever get downtown again and want something very romantic, try McCormick & Schmicks (11th and J). The food is good (especially the appetizer: seafood tatertots!!) and service is excellent. The building is gorgeous and they have private cubicles against the back wall......perfect for a couple! It closes off from the crowd by just some curtains; but still, I think they're a great idea!

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          Thanks I will try that...I live in Yuba City so downtown sac is only about 40 minutes, I can do that anytime...