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Jun 3, 2003 10:10 PM
Discussion Delivery

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Anyone try delivery yet? I have a friend who tried it and really likes the boar's head sandwiches. I'm new to the area so I'd love to hear your advice before I buy! Thanks!


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  1. sucks; all they carry is spam.

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    1. I'm out of their delivery area! :(

      1. Yummy is great--service, employees, variety. Great deli sandwiches, chicken caesar salad, and good variety of routine groceries, even cat litter! Choices of delivery time, including within 30 minutes (I've never had them deliver late) and they do listen when you ask them to try and supply items not currently available. They have S'mores that are delicious, and carry La Brea Bakery products. You can phone, but I prefer ordering online:

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          I agree, yummy service is great, online ordering is a big plus. The meats and fish are pretty bad, but the deli sandwiches are good. Most of the items are major name brand.

        2. Yummy is great when you're out of something and need it now. Selection can be pretty so-so, but if you're having a dinner party and you're low on wine or if you're baking and forgot the GD baking powder, yummy rules. I always order online.

          1. it is the besst! BLTs and tuna sandwiches are fab, I can only eat a half at a meal. Boarhead meats are wonderful and worth the matter where you buy. Welcome to our area and enjoy Yummy. We have for several years now.