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Have you tried TableXChange?

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Have you guys heard or used TableXChange? Just wanna see how's the experience with fellow hounder :-)

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  1. Unless it's on the company dime, I'd never use this kind of ripoff.

    1. In a city like NYC with so many options why would anyone support a system that charges for a reservation? I hope enough people ignore the "service" and put these jerks out of business.

      1. I have purchased scalped tickets for baseball games and concerts because there was no other option. But I don't believe in paying for restaurant reservations. And I don't believe in greasing palms to get a table either. It's just not worth it to me.

        I can see some companies or out of town visitors using it though.

        1. hell no. services like these are part of the REASON people can't get the reservations they want. by supporting this kind of business, all you do is perpetuate the cycle and end up making it even more difficult to get into these places.

          1. Heard of, sure. Used, not in a million years. It's the restaurant equivalent of bottle service. Do not want.

            1. I used it back in June to get a table at Little Owl in NYC. The service worked well and I have not used anywhere else as of yet. I would not quite equate it to buying a bottle ( I mean which bottles cost $20?) and do not use it every week but I have been trying to eat at Little Owl for months and figured the $20 was a drop in the bucket compared to the $300 dinner bill. I would use the service again in the Fall when I am back in area and looking to dine out again.

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                I don't mean that bottle service and TableXChange are comparable with regard to cost. I mean they both create a system in which something that used to (and, in my opinion, ought to) be free - sitting down in a club, reserving a table at a restaurant - no longer is. I'm well aware that bribing hosts and using hotel concierges does the same thing: it gives people with more money options that people with less money don't have. But I think it's gotta stop somewhere, and I vote for right here, with TableXChange.

              2. Oh my goodness...never knew this kind of thing existed? Why not just make your own reservations ahead of time? I guess this would be useful if you were trying to impress some girl you just met...