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Jul 31, 2008 02:34 PM

Death & Co. / Milk and Honey-esque bar in Vegas [moved from Manhattan board]

I'm looking for a bar in Las Vegas with the same caliber drinks as the above mentioned. Any suggestions?

*sorry if this isn't a where to go in manhattan, but I doubt many people on the "Southwest" board would even know what Death & Co. or Milk and Honey

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  1. Surprisingly, the Southwest region isn't full of backwater hicks. The Pegu Club is higher on my list of places to go than Death & Co. or Milk and Honey when I visit the city, but that's mostly because I've tasted some of Audrey Saunders's recipes and want to meet her. Now get off that high horse you all seem to ride back east and enjoy yourself while you're out here.

    Cocktail culture in Las Vegas isn't even close to anything you'll see back in the city. The steady influx of tourists there to act like tourists in Vegas (and open container laws that allow drinking anywhere but in a car) ensures that the signature drink at many places is served out of a slushie machine into a souvenir cup the size of your head, or is mixed by a bartender who is juggling the bottles. Higher end nightclubs tend more towards atmosphere than creating sublime drinks; $300 gets you table service and a bottle of Grey Goose that's almost always used to make highballs. I think your best bet would be to stick to the regular bars at the high end hotels. I've heard Petrossian at Bellagio does a good job with classic cocktails. You may also have luck with the Trump hotel. There isn't much buzz since the place is so new, but I've heard from a couple of people who dined at the restaurant and said it was extremely high caliber; the bar should follow suit. The last one I can think of is Parasol Down at Wynn, but at the same time it's a bit of a tourist bar since it overlooks the Wynn's Lake of Dreams show. Best of luck with your Vegas drinking!

    1. I'm heading to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks and had the same question -- looking for places like Pegu Club or The Violet Hour in Chicago or PX in suburban D.C. Anyone have any additional suggestions, or know of any new top-notch cocktail spots that may have arrived in LV since this thread was last updated in July?

      1. Nancy and I visit both Las Vegas and New York on a regular basis. We have had drinks at Death & Co, PDT, and the Brandy Library in New York. There is nothing exactly comparable in LV but the bar at Nob Hill comes within shouting distance. They had very good and serious bartenders. Another option is Red Square. They have unusual drinks--the bartenders are showmen but they still make pretty good drinks. I think you would enjoy them both.

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          Thanks for the suggestions, John. Nobhill in particular looks like it might be right up my alley -- the cocktail menu posted on their Web site has some interesting choices.