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Jul 31, 2008 02:31 PM

Saratoga - Lake George

A group of us are going camping at Lake Luzere next week. We are looking to go somewhere nice, to celebrate a birthday, somewhere between Lake George and Saratoga Springs. Birthday boy is a professional chef, so we want something food driven, and are seeking to avoid a tourist trap. There are plenty of tourists in the area, tourist traps can't be far behind! Thanks!

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  1. You might want to stay out of Saratoga since it's racing season. Or not, if you want to be in the midst of action. A professional chef might enjoy Max London's in Saratoga Springs. Up in Lake George, you might want to try Chef Kevin London's (not related to Max), a strong SlowFood supporter at Top of the World:

    1. Budget? The Inn at Erlowest is next on my list if you want to splurge. Bloomers? Chef was former sous chef at Chez Sophie. You might want to do a search of this Board for more details on both. This is a long and interesting thread you might want to check out: TOP NY Capital Region-Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga, Troy

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        If I were taking a chef to dinner in that area, I would choose Inn at Erlowest. Chef is Dale Miller, who used to have his own restaurant and then was chef at Jack's Oyster House. A certified master chef, whatever that means, but boy could he cook years ago at Stone Ends! Rave reviews of his new gig

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          NYchowcook, have you been? I can't wait to go. Check this hound's post out. . .

          There's a wonderful writeup here:

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          JWW Jul 14, 2008 08:36AM

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            I quite enjoyed his stuff at Stone Ends - but I looked at this site and could not for the life of me find a room rate (even when clicking on rooms and rates.) Have I lost it? Or is this one of those "If you have to ask..." situations?

            1. re: meg944

              Agree. I have sent three requests for info and all have went n answered. Maybe they feel "if you have to ask the price, you can't affford us". Too bad for them......

              1. re: TonyO

                I didn't see the B&B room rates on the Erlowest's website but they did have the menu and prices. There is a 6 course tasting menu for $115. The entire table must have the tasting menu. They are also open for lunch. I like the choice of American or European size portions. When I called to purchase a gift certificate I didn't have any service issues. I'll report back after we go.

                1. re: financialdistrictresident

                  We will be going to their jazz event next weekend ($25 for apps, music and champagne from 2- 5 PM). I will report back. I also asked about room rates and they depend on which of the 10 rooms, day of the week, season, etc. but range from $225-$425. Also looking forward to going for dinner soon.

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                    Thanks – please let us know what you think. I think the place sounds intriguing. It would be nice if it was possible to obtain some sort of rate chart or something for the rooms – it’s a bit far for us to go for dinner without staying over.

                    1. re: meg944

                      meg944, the rate also includes a full breakfast. The Inn does not permit children or pets. I gave my SO a gift certificate so we'll definitely be going for dinner (and probably spending a night) soon. By the way, the jazz event includes a champagne toast. Not bad for $25 - champagne toast, hot and cold apps, live music, great views.

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                        I didn’t think the rates sounded too bad considering the look of the rooms and the restaurant. We have stayed at Friends Lake Inn a few times and it is comparable. I’d just like to have a way to find out the rates on a certain room at a certain time, before I book. I’ll see what your experience is like. That tasting menu does sound intriguing.

                        1. re: meg944

                          meg944, we went to The Inn at Erlowest's Food, Wine and All That Jazz on Sunday. It's a new "series" and it was only the second Sunday. I'll post a report under the Erlowest thread I started some time ago. PS Thanks for your thoughts on nwhc.

        2. I haven’t been there for dinner in sometime, but my husband and I spent a couple of days at Friends Lake Inn after our wedding, and on Monday night the table next to us was taken by eight local chefs. I remember because they started with apps of double portions of foie gras and because we really enjoyed eavesdropping (if you can call it that – it really couldn’t have been avoided as the room was very quiet and they were VERY, shall we say, convivial) on their war stories. The server said they get a lot of pros on their nights off.