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Jul 31, 2008 02:10 PM

[DFW] Best Place in Dallas to get a Michelada [DFW]

Does anyone know of an inexpensive place to sip down a cold Michelada without having to explain to the house what the drink entails??? I have found it hard to find these days in Dallas but are readily available in Houston or San Antonio.

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  1. LH,

    Taqeria Cristina on Webb Chapel @ Royal makes a pretty good one. They know what you are talking about when you ask for one.The waitress was sort of suprised that I knew what a michelada was and would even order one. I am quite gringo-ish...
    I don't remember what they charge for it but it was not much. It is of the style with more hot sauce and less tomato juice (if any). I have not watched them make it but I have seen a bottle of Maggi on the counter...

    If you go on the weekends they do a pretty good barbacoa de boreggo and my wife digs their migas.



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      First of all your name "Birddog" brings back memories of the movie Bat 21....random thought. Thanks for the rec in that neighborhood, hard to get any recs or even people to go to that neighborhood. If I remember correctly you also were defending Two Guys From Italy (another gem in the rough). Thanks for the link to the menu also! Shows that you are on top things in NW Dallas!!

    2. LH : not familiar with a Micehada.....did some bartender create this after Michael Jordan won his 6th champoinship ? Or, is this legitimate . I'm pretty sure it's legit after having read your fabulous posts .

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          This is a simple recipe.

          The ones I have had both in Oaxaca, Mexico and in Houston/San Antonio have no tomato juice. The ones I have had in Houston have the best combo of spice (chile powder) to salt/lime. The one I had in Mexico was a bit too salty but was still refreshing. I ususally combine mine with a Negro Model or Modelo Especial.

        2. Here are some of my faves (might not exactly qualify as inexpensive, but they make them without having to explain what's in them):
          - Urban Taco
          - Cafe San Miguel
          - Mi Cocina (I know what you are thinking, but their Michelada is pretty good actually)

          1. Gloria's. There are several locations around DFW.

            1. Ojeda's on Maple, spicy. I haven't had any problem finding them?