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Jun 3, 2003 07:18 PM

Broasted Chicken

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Does anyone have recommendations for broasted chicken joints? So far, I have tried the following:

Shakers (Glendale) - heavy on the salt, served with a piece of baked something that was maybe squash

Eat Well (Glendale) - a little salty, but a friend can eat with you for 99 cents on Thursday nights

Charlie's Trio (Alhambra) - excellent, crispy not too salty

Mr. J's? (Downtown) - convenience store with broasted chicken, a soggy mess but available 24 hours

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  1. We did Amber's broasted chicken in the valley once in a while during my childhood. I could never distinguish between broasted chicken and fried and I think my mom bought it because broasted SOUNDS more healthful than fried but I could never see the diff. Is broasting a euphemism or an actual process?

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      Actually, it's deep frying in a pressure cooker. See link.


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        i thought it was a direct translation from Old Fastfood meaning Broiled and Roasted (see syn. "overcooked").

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          Ambers is still at the corner of Burbank and Balboa. You really need to call your order in because every meal is done to order. It can take over 20 minutes to cook the chicken. It is bursting with juice when you get it. It is kinda dangerous if you eat it there. Boiling hot juice as you take a bite. The biggest drawback is that it is only 5 minutes or less from Zankou. I can never pry myself away from Zankou, even once to try Ambers. I used to go to Ambers alot before I knew of Zankou.

        2. I've heard Polo Campero described as "broasted" chicken. I've never been, can someone confirm?

          Also, I know a Mexican style broasted chicken place is supposed to be opening in the Grand Central Market along Broadway. It's called Arriba Chicken. No clue when they'll open (build out has just begun), but I'm looking forward to it.

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            Yes I Believe it is Broasted. Extremely Tender, Juicy and Crispy. I'm Craving some right now.... POLLO CAMPERO is from Guatemala and it means "Country Chicken"

          2. Pittsburg Broasted Chicken on Katella in Los Alamitos, just off the 605. All chicken is broasted to order and it taste great.

            1. Pittsburg Broasted Chicken on Katella in Los Alamitos, just off the 605. All chicken is broasted to order and it taste great.

              1. I've really struggled to find a good broasted chicken place...Charlie's Trio(Alhambra,South Pasadena) and Sir Pizza N Chicken in El Monte have been the only ones i can rely on..I'm here in Burbank and would like something closer..I've called the Broaster hotline at 1-800-365-TAST and they've given me many places that are registered with the Broaster co. I"ve noticed that some places must be cutting costs somewhere and are nowhere near the places I've described above..Pinball Pizza in Burbank is below average...Troy's drive in in L.A. is awful..Chris N Pits in Van Nuys is somewhat close..I thought broasted chicken would be the same everywhere but it obviously isn't...can anyone help?