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Jul 31, 2008 01:33 PM

Family Style Italian Restaurant in Washington Square

I ate many times many years ago at an old style Italian Restaurant on the South side of Washington Square right on a corner opposite the park. It was a classic place that served antipasto, pasta, main course, and desert. It was not great food but a great local neighborhood place. I was in San Francisco two years ago, and it was still there, It has a bar and then a dining room. I, however, can’t remember its name. I have tried to look it up on the web but have failed. Does anyone know about the place I am referring to? Does it still exist?

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  1. You're probably thinking of La Felce, which has been replaced by Avenue G.

    I think Capp's Corner is the only old-school family-style place still in business. In a nod to modern tastes, you don't have to order family-style.

    I'm not sure Sodini's (formerly Green Valley) offers family-style any more.

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    1. I think you're describing Fior d'Italia which closed after a fire and then reopened. Could that be it? I think you're thinking of the late lamented New Pisa on Green Street, which closed. Capp's Corner is a great neighborhood cheap Italian place with a full bar and a decent wine list also on Green Street, but west of Columbus near Beach Blanket Babylon.

      1. On second thought, that must have been the Ravioli Factory! It's been gone for 15 years but I used to love it too. I have to suggest Capp's as a substitute. Da Flora (across the street on the corner of Greenwich is wonderful (though ca$h only) but definitely not family style. That's the ultimate intimate, romantic Italian restairant like the one in Lady and the Tramp.

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          lperelman seems to be reminiscing and not looking for a place to eat. Union is the south side of the Square and the place was there 2 years ago.

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            Fior d'Italia wasn't open two years ago, it closed in February 2005.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Fior d'Italia was a white tablecloth upscale restaurant, not one of those cheap, family-style places of fond memory.

              Years ago I had the best, most definitive pasta al pesto at Fior d'Italia. It was very tender freshly-made green fettuccine with what must have been immediately made-to-order pesto. The memory of that dish set my gold standard for pesto.

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                Fior d'Italia's still around, they reopened in the San Remo Hotel.


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              Cafferata Ravioli Factory was at Filbert and Columbus (north of the square) and later moved across the street to the Record Hardware site (I think Piazza Pellegrini is there now).