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Jul 31, 2008 01:32 PM

Best Romantic Ocean View Bar on WestSide?

I am looking for the perfect romantic place to have a cocktail and watch the sun setting over the ocean. Needs to be a patio or have open windows. I am going elsewhere for dinner so that limits options. It seems like most places actually have an obstructed view and/or closed windows (eg Catch.) Any suggestions? It can't be north of Santa Monica, that will be too far from dinner. I only know of good places in Malibu or Laguna. Any ideas for the West Side?

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  1. Loew's Santa Monica has drinks outside around fire pits with views of the Bay and the Pier.

    1. I'll give anyone big bucks who can suggest an ocean view bar, romantic or otherwise, on the Eastside.

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        I am willing to bet that there are too many to count on Long Island. ;-D

        1. re: JeMange

          Well, there are:

          Oceanview Bar & Grill
          3826 Ocean View Blvd
          Montrose, CA
          (724) 684-6060


          The Village Pub
          3437 Ocean View Blvd
          Glendale, CA
          (818) 248-8678

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            LOL, you guys crack me up. I meant I did not want people coming back with santa barbara and long beach!!!

          2. What's the bar like at The Lobster? I forget if it fits your definition or not.

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              The Lobster has a small outside bar with a fantastic view. I also love the lounge at Casa Del Mar - inside, but the views are great.

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                Thanks, CM. I thought I recalled an outside bar, but it's been too long since we were there last and I wasn't sure.

            2. what about coast or one pico at shutters?

              1. what about Marisol at the end of the pier? Loew's is classier and probably the best bet for outdoors, but Marisol does have a patio in back with sunset views. the Lobster has a nice view as well and it does have a small deck, but I wouldn't call it romantic (its crowded). Coast at shutters has a patio, but the view of the ocean is limited. Coast would have a sunset view, it is romantic, and it even has happy hour specials. you could also sit at the tables on the patio outside the lobby bar at Shutters which have a better ocean view.

                P.S. You cannot actually watch the sun "set" below the horizon from any location in Santa monica at this time of year - it sets behind the mountains north of Malibu for a couple more months.

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                1. re: Mateo R

                  Thanks for the all the specifics Mateo R, this is the info I was looking for!

                  1. re: wasabica

                    How about the front porch at the Georgian Hotel on Ocean Blvd?
                    I always walk or ride by there but I've never been on the porch to inspect the view. It won't be commanding since it's not up high, but it looks like a lovely place to be.
                    When the Penthouse used to be toppers, we spent many friday and sunday evenings watching the sun set while sipping on our individual HH margarita pitchers, wishing they would make a rooftop deck.