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Jul 31, 2008 01:32 PM

Top 5 Best restaurants in Rhode Island, Not fancy

Why and where? What to order, favorite top 3 dishes and desserts. Great if the food comes right from the farms in the area, I love that. Any great unique places I shouldn't miss?

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  1. A few of my favorites are:

    Quito's, Bristol (some of the best seafood I've had in New England)
    Leo's Ristorante, Bristol (good sandwiches and Italian entrees; nice outdoor area)
    Apsara, Providence (often-outstanding Cambodian, Thai, and Vietnamese food)
    Mamma Luisa, Newport (homey, cozy Italian place with very good good)

    Uhh, I can't come up with a fifth right now, Back later! ;-b

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      Thank you, I have no idea about what is good or not and this helps. We will be there in a few weeks for 4 days, Blackstone Valley for a big anniversary and I love great food but prefer cheap eats that are great quality. Thanks, alot of people on this site love the very expensive and I know there are Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts and Uncles cooking somewhere, where it is authentic and great food for not too expensive. I support the little guy!! Any other suggestions thanks and if they have web site great so I can view the menus before. I do want to splurge one night and get dressed up for our anniversary, Staying in Gloester. Thank you

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        bjennif gave you some great suggestions.....

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            some Western and northern RI places that may interest you. D. Carlo smithfield, Euro Cafe and restaurant smithfield , Isabella N. Smithfield,

          2. re: hiddenboston

            Love Mamma Luisa's!
            Al Forno in Providence is a must if you've never been. They're known for their grilled pizzas, and the fruit tarts are delicious!

            La Laiterie at Farmstead is another delicious spot - I love their salads and burger with polenta fries (ingenious!). Mac and cheese is yummy =)

            New Rivers is another find. Farm fresh salads and greens from Dartmouth, their burger is yummy, and herb-infused cocktails are often available. Small, cozy spot.

            New to the scene - Pietra on Sakonnet Point. All locally procured foods (Treaty Rock meat!!!!). It's like The Modern in NYC, but by the ocean. However, they're working in their service.


            1. re: allieb2031

              The OP was looking for "cheap eats that are great quality". While I love New Rivers and La Laiterie (Al Forno is meh), they're certainly not what the OP had in mind.

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                Pietra does have a beautiful location, but I have to say that the food was a little disappointing--both the appetizers and the main were solid, but unremarkable--and the servers seemed enthusiastic, but clueless. There's potential, but right now it's not worth the money or the drive.

                1. re: BusterBrooklyn

                  Does either of the restaurants have outdoor seating?

            2. I don't know if I can come up with five, but as a law student living in RI - cheap and good is important!

              The Grape Room in Middletown is definitely right up there. Great RI style calamari and I LOVE the nachos. A friend said the lobster club sandwich was one of the best sandwiches she'd ever had. Link here:
              Another recent favorite is Twist on Angell. I had the popcorn with chipotle lime butter and a four cheese pizza but added red sauce and meatballs to it - tasted just like a meatball sub! Friends really liked their sandwiches. Link here:
              For seafood we like Evelyns in Tiverton. You can order at the window and eat outside on the picnic tables and don't need to tip. Be sure to take the ride down through Little Compton to Sakonnet Point or find South Shore Beach - follow Rte 77 south to a left onto Swamp Road and a right onto South Shore Road. It terminates at the beach. Littel Compton is heaven on earth in my opinion. Link here:
              Hmmm. Some of the best veal I've had since Sablone's closed in East Boston is at Angelo's on Federal Hill. It's cash only but they have an ATM. Get there early or plan to wait. Link here:
              Number five is going to be ice cream. Love Brickley's down near Naragansett on Route 1 but a new fave closer to East Bay is Somerset Creamery. Try the Blueberry Pie ice cream - totally delish and you have to get a waffle cone. Link here:


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              1. Oy vey! Road trip! Thanks for the update!

                1. re: BJennif

                  I have to disagree,while the prices are great at twist I really do not like the food. I think they use to many ingredients in each dish.I always feel ill after eating there.

                2. Mike's Kitchen tucked into a VFW Hall in Cranston has phenomenal Italian hours are sporadic so call ahead The V.F.W. post is at 170 Randall Street; phone (401) 946-5320

                  1. I have to disagree with Leo's -- we had a very ordinary "sauce out of a jar" experience there, and Evelyn's (just down the road from us) is greasy and over priced for what you get. Our favorite place (it's not cheap, but they do have certain deals for three course meals on certain week nights) is De Wolfe Tavern in Bristol.

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                    1. re: Fram143

                      DeWolf's does have delicious food and an amazing building, but be advised that the service leaves something to be desired (split the naan-style sandwiches, Indian-style Philly cheese steak and a seafood/lobster salad sandwich with the coconut milk mussels for an app). If you have no where else to go that really is fantastic.

                      I agree about Leo's...Roberto's (down the street from Leo's) has better food in my opinion. Although creamy pastas are a diet no-no...BOY, are they tasty there (carbonara, pink vodka sauce) great chocolate espresso dessert.

                      1. re: georma

                        I am always looking for a phenomenal pink sauce. mmmm.

                      2. re: Fram143

                        Ok - too many pretentious, fancy & eclectic places being recommended. Great eats and not fancy:
                        LEO'S in Bristol - it's all great, homemade food and family recipes. (I highly recommend the tortellini caesar salad)
                        Crossroad Pub in Warren - (never a disappointment, no one mentioned this one?)
                        Wright's Farm - you have to go there to appreciate it

                        1. re: Fram143

                          Please don't mention Evelyn's in a discussion about food...

                          they don't serve it...

                          tourist gouging wanabee's...about the most disgusting dining expereience I have ever had...

                        2. I think there are some good suggestions here, but I would add D. Carlo in Smithfield. I have never had a bad meal here. Anything is good - pizza to sandwiches, pasta to fish. The atmosphere is casual.