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Visiting from San Francisco Need lunch and dinner suggestions

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My boyfriend and I will be visiting in 2 weeks and need some really great restaurant suggestions. Usually when we travel, we grab a Michelin Guide and have lunch at places "mentioned" (but have no star) and dinner in 1 or 2 star restaurants (may splurge on a 3 star). Mainly what we look for is not only good food, but good atmosphere, and good service. A place with a large wine list is a plus since we are involved in the wine industry in Napa Valley. As far as price we would preffer to keep dinner at about $100 per person and lunch under $50 per person (including wine). We will be staying in the old town in both cities Le St. Sulpice in Montreal and Chateu Frontenac in Quebec. We will not have a car so we would like places that we can walk to (can walk a few miles). Finally my bf is in his 60's and doesnt particularly like loud places or ethnic (mexican, chinese etc.) food. He prefers French.

Thanks for your help! We're looking forward to visiting these beautiful cities.

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  1. I can't speak for Montreal but perhaps:
    Le Club Chasse et Peche

    (May require taxi, but the metro will also get you nearby)
    La Montee de Lait
    La Chronique