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Jul 31, 2008 01:02 PM

Breakfast: 48th St area (plus other ideas too?)

Hi. My wife and I are coming over from Scotland in August and get a chance to spend 4 nights in NYC. Staying at Hilton GI at 48th & 8th and looking for some breakfast recommendations in that area.

Also, looking for a couple of other suggestions of restaurants for dinner to give us a good NY type experience (i.e. not tourist traps) - don't mind too much where, as happy to take subway. Cost - well I guess $30-60pp+tip+tax+wine (out of interest how much can you expect a bottle of wine to cost in, say, a mid-price Italian restaurant?). Quite a range I realise but if a place is worth spending a bit more in to have a great meal and experience then I think we can push the boat out a bit!

Sorry for appearing lazy in asking this question (I'm sure the answers are out there somewhere) but I have been searching CH, Menupages etc for ages and am getting nowhere fast due to the huge (amazing!) number of restaurants in New York! Thanks.

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  1. i dont know how much you are planning to spend for breakfast... at the cheap low end with very good food, i would recommend Morning star on 57th and 9th. At the high end, (about $25 pp, Landmarc in Time Warner Center and Nougatine in Jean Georges are good, I think.
    As you said, you have tons of options at that price range as you are mobile. Menupages is quite reliable...You can get a good bottle of wine beginning around $30... there are some decent BYOB places too, so if you have a particular taste or would rather spend mostly on food thats an option too.

      1. Don't know how early it will be open, but Tulcingo del Valle on 10th between 46th and 47th does a great Chorizo and egg taco. Always good after a night out. Amy's Breads on 9th Avenue in the 40s does some breakfasty type pastry things as well (not enough room for a full sit down meal though). For a good local dinner, Queen of Sheba does Ethiopian on 10th between 45th and 46th, very reasonably priced. For drinks you want the Gaf, 48th street just off 9th, or Conker Hill, 10th Ave near 45th street.

        1. If you are inclined to head a bit east, toward Rockefeller Center (not very far) you can find a range of options on the concourse level of Rock Center. There's Rock Center Cafe for a nice, somewhat fancy but not too expensive breakfast with table service. There is also Cucina & Co. for some good self-serve breakfast options (restaurant is open for lunch), including a wide selection of excellent breads, pastries, and coffees. Also a hot bar where you can choose from eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, etc. Grab the stuff from Cucina and sit in the well-maintained, not usually too crowded space outside of Cincina but still inside the concourse looking out on the skating rink, which is a very pretty cafe in the summer.

          1. Cafe Edison in the Edison Hotel on W. 47th street, off Broadway, might be worth checking out for breakfast. Definitely a very New York place.

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              Thanks for the suggestions - can't wait to get there and start eating!