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Jul 31, 2008 12:55 PM

Fav. mediocre eats (inspired by bianca pizza thread)

Ok so the "Casa Bianca Eagle Rock - Best Pizza Ever" thread inspired this topic.
Amused by the love and dislike for the Casa got me thinking about other places that some people really like and others would not set foot in.

I am not crazy about Casa Bianca's pizza but it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy due to it's old school vibe and chow it down no prob., reminds me of my very mexican parents taking me out for "pizza and italian" food to a very similar place in burbank by burbank high.
So let's hear what your favorite "mediocre spot" that gets the hounders in a flurry.

Not in any order just a few that pop to mind.

1. Tally Rand in burbank only in the bar downstairs
2. Smoke House also in burbank (mmm martini / salad blech)
3. Damons ( love a mai tai in the middle of a hot day)
3.Palermos (beflore flames burst I know it's horrid )
4.El Chavo (until yesterday dim the lights in the day loved how dark it used to be inside)
5 Hard Times ( sometimes I crave the sub sandwich)

Let the flood gates open

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  1. Got to be Titos Tacos.

    Put me in the "won't set foot in" column.

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    1. re: mlgb

      Tito's Tacos, put me in the can't live without them column.. there's a place for the old fashioned crunchy tacos full of oil and calories!

      1. re: monkuboy

        There is something comforting about a Titos taco -- the crunch, the cheese, and meat that is tough enough to give a good bite resistance even with a nominal amount. Just wish they had a really great, spicy salsa roja -- their "salsa" is really a pico de gallo and the enchilada or tomale sauces aren't quite right. Gotta include the battle for parking spaces and trying to choose the fastest line.

        1. re: nosh

          Jeet Jet, a frequent poster on these boards, spoke about the "tug and chew" of pizza crusts as determining what makes a good or bad one. I think the same can be said of a Tito's Taco - they have that proper tug and chew texture, as does a Jack in the Box taco, even though they have two different TAC's, in part because of the shredded meat in a Tito's taco versus the mystery meat (if it is even meat) in a Jack taco. To me that's part of the appeal.

          1. re: monkuboy

            There was quite a lengthy thread about Jack's tacos awhile ago, with many funny and some scary rumors about what indeed comprises the middle of a JITB taco. Someone posted the actual ingredients from some sort of nutritional official list, and at least at that time it was indeed beef.

    2. I hate PF chang's but I can't get enough of their lettuce wraps

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      1. re: ns1

        Fortunately they're frighteningly easy to make and TJ's even sells pre-trimmed lettuce wraps for the truly short of time.

        For me, Nozawa is just totally mediocre and uninspiring yet others love it; the other way around, I actually really like Yang Chow but most Hounds wouldn't set foot.

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          TJ's sells pretrimmed lettuce for the wraps?? This is good news. :p

          I really like McDonald's breakfast burritos with lots of that squeeze packet salsa.

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            Count me in the "loves Yang Chow" category... especially their slippery shrimp and pork fried rice!

            1. re: spkspk

              My in-laws are addicted to the slippery shrimp; I think it's okay, but my socks remain firmly un-knocked. What I became deeply enamoured of was the sautéed spinach, which our charming niece fixed on one night and ordered as her contribution to the table. Brilliant child! So now whenever we do a Yang Chow night en famille, I let everyone else have most of that shrimp and the orange beef, and I'll hog the spinach.

              For white-bread mediocre, I like Cindy's in Eagle Rock, The Reyn coffee shop on N. Lake in Pasadena, and Twohey's. Oh, Sitton's NoHo Diner, too. Nothing to blow anyone away, but friendly (except for Sitton's, sometimes) and reliably Okay.

              1. re: spkspk

                I'm a big Yang Chow fan -- always emerge happily full and very satisfied by the service and value. Besides the slippery shrimp, I really like their sauteed eggplant (almost stewed) in spicy garlic sauce, and the spicy won ton soup (breathtaking amount of garlic -- found on the specials page of the menu rather than with the soups or starters).

                1. re: spkspk

                  Mmmm, slippery shrimp and potstickers.

                2. re: Das Ubergeek

                  Point me in the direction of "easy to make" please

                  1. re: ns1

                    Voila: -- but discussions of the recipe should probably go to a new topic on Home Cooking.

              2. Ten Ten Seafood's dim sum.

                1. Totally second Palermos, actually the first place that popped into my head.

                  I'll add the mexican joint in Beverly Hills on Wilshire formerly-known-as El Torrito
                  Also, I love Olive Garden, regardless of where it is.

                  I know I'm forgetting the best ones...

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                  1. re: suicidemartini

                    I could list a few chains too, but left them out to avoid getting this thread hijacked (or split) to the Chains board....

                  2. Love Palermo's - but only for that darned Pizza Rosa.

                    Also really like Fatty's in Eagle Rock - had excellent, friendly, knowledgeable service every time we've been.

                    Larkin's in Eagle Rock - loved the idea, very disappointed in the food.

                    Really like the Yang Chow slippery shrimp, too. And their pot stickers.

                    Beard Papa - *ducking* I kinda like their cream puffs. Really. Maybe they aren't the best, but they suit me just fine.