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Jul 31, 2008 12:28 PM

Best eats within 10 minute walk of Empire State Bldg?

Recently transplanted office from Penn Station to Empire State tourist trap. Any chowey places for lunch in the area would be deeply and heartily appreciated!

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  1. Pio Pio -- Peruvian chicken
    Artisanal -- bistro
    Minar -- Indian
    Koreatown -- tons of stuff there -- Woo Ri Jip for cheap and fast, but not as good as the restaurants, Won Jo, etc.
    Olympic Pita
    Szechuan Gourmet
    Ali Baba

    And if you're a fast walker, the Japanese places on 41st Street between Madison and 5th Ave.

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      Is Mandoo Bar still open (32 and Fifth)?

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        I'm at Madison/32nd, close enough to the ESB to have an overlapping 'territory'. You've listed a number places in my regular rotation, but I'll throw a few more out there.

        Not too far from Minar is Famous Curry and Kebab- there was a bit of a discussion about it not too long ago:
        Also in that thread are other recs for Curry Hill if kelvin8r is interested.

        Tina's (Cuban) on Madison near 34th has a passable Cubano (the pickles are sliced paper thin and barely noticable) but they do make a sandwich that is waaay better. It's called the Fried Pork, and it's made with deep fried hunks of pernil, sweet plantains, onion and mayo- it's the thing to get. Their platters are overpriced, imo.

        There is also Carl's Cheesesteaks and 2nd Avenue Deli to the east.

        kathryn made some excellent suggestions in this thread:
        The kati rolls outside of Tabla are very good. I still haven't decided whether I prefer them to Roomali but I like 'em just fine.