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Best eats within 10 minute walk of Empire State Bldg?

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Recently transplanted office from Penn Station to Empire State tourist trap. Any chowey places for lunch in the area would be deeply and heartily appreciated!

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  1. Pio Pio -- Peruvian chicken
    Artisanal -- bistro
    Minar -- Indian
    Koreatown -- tons of stuff there -- Woo Ri Jip for cheap and fast, but not as good as the restaurants, Won Jo, etc.
    Olympic Pita
    Szechuan Gourmet
    Ali Baba

    And if you're a fast walker, the Japanese places on 41st Street between Madison and 5th Ave.

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      Is Mandoo Bar still open (32 and Fifth)?

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        I'm at Madison/32nd, close enough to the ESB to have an overlapping 'territory'. You've listed a number places in my regular rotation, but I'll throw a few more out there.

        Not too far from Minar is Famous Curry and Kebab- there was a bit of a discussion about it not too long ago:
        Also in that thread are other recs for Curry Hill if kelvin8r is interested.

        Tina's (Cuban) on Madison near 34th has a passable Cubano (the pickles are sliced paper thin and barely noticable) but they do make a sandwich that is waaay better. It's called the Fried Pork, and it's made with deep fried hunks of pernil, sweet plantains, onion and mayo- it's the thing to get. Their platters are overpriced, imo.

        There is also Carl's Cheesesteaks and 2nd Avenue Deli to the east.

        kathryn made some excellent suggestions in this thread:
        The kati rolls outside of Tabla are very good. I still haven't decided whether I prefer them to Roomali but I like 'em just fine.