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Jul 31, 2008 11:55 AM

Park Slope late lunch/early dinner?

Does anyone have and suggestions for a 4:30 meal? Most places I can think of all close for a few hours during that time slot. Any surrounding neighborhood would be fine. I am just looking for a sit down meal at 4:30 on a weekday.


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  1. Flatbush Farm is open (PH)
    Olive Vine is open
    Beast is open (PH)
    Many bars with food should be open and serving (Alchemy, Lighthouse, Dram Shop, etc.)
    La Taq is open
    Mango may be open, I don't think Song is though

    1. AOC Bistro (opens at 4pm); Bonnie's; La Villa; Tacos Nuevo Mexico; maybe certain Thai places like Beet or Thai Sky (not sure about those); Chip Shop