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Jul 31, 2008 11:43 AM

Clam shack in Point Lookout?


Does anyone have the address - and opinions - on a crab/clam/etc -type shack in Point Lookout?

Any opinions on The Crab Shack in Freeport?

Or a better place to eat on the way back to the City from Jones Beach?


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  1. I'm not a big fan of Lido Clam Bar, nothing terrible but everything is pretty average, nothing is cheap. Parking is a pain at busy times,lines can be long and hovering like a vulture to claim a table as people vacate is no fun at all. The view is more parking lot, garbage chute or bathroom then bay. Jordan's is a much better choice for seafood or Bigelow's for great fried clams and soup. At Jordan's you can call in your lobster order, pick it up when you arrive, supplement with some items from the clam bar and grab a table by the water.

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    1. re: stuartlafonda

      Sorry, I meant Point Lookout Clam Bar at 98 Bayside Drive.

    2. I'd pass on it.
      No biggie, paper plates and do it your self everything.

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      1. re: the queen

        Thanks - you comments were all right on. We did end up at Point Lookout - there was no line, which helped. Most stuff was just okay, but I thought the Manhattan Clam Chowder was really great and worth going for. Next time, Jordans or Bigelows.

      2. We have been going to the Point Lookout shack for several years, more for convenience than anything else. Actually, we were there just this past tues. nite. It' a mixed blessing. It's best attribute is that it is so close to the comes in second. I had a Greek salad with grilled shrimp for $12.50: Iceberg lettuce and 5, 21/25 count shrimp with a bit of red pepper and a few decent olives. In the past, I've seen them cut open a commercially made, several gallon, plastic bag of chowder/bisque and pour it into the pot to be reheated. In my book, a fish shack should be making their own soups.

        Thee are two other places on that same strip that I think might do for a bite and a drink and have better views than the shack. Go passed the shack and the "fancy" restaurant and look for the Buoy Bar. Go past the entrance, and continue towards the bay. Look left and you'll see the outdoor seating for the Bar. The menu has some interesting items and a full bar (the Shack, II"m pretty sure, has only beer). I haven't eaten here so can't comment on the food. For what it's worth, on tues. nite at 7 pm it was packed.

        Also, past there is a third "shack" that has a small bar, a small blackboard menu (pizza, chicken fingers, some raw bar, burgers, etc.) Again, I can't vouch for the quality.

        Remember, there is a full service restaurant ( Name?)that I haven't written about b/c I haven't eaten there. But I'd think that beach attire is a tad too casual for them.

        Finally, back towards the marina on that the same strip, is Doxy Clam Co. (Name?). In the day, they'd leave the door open after hours, you'd go in and pick from their frozen baked clams, clam chowder and a few other items. Then you'd leave the money, on the honor system. I don't know if that deal is still in place. Also, they have the best photos of the Point Lookout area on the walls. You'd think you're in a museum ( in some ways you are)

        Anyway, that 's all I have to say about Point Lookout eateries.

        1. I forgot to add my Jordan Lobster Pound story. While waiting to pick to pick up some lobsters we'd ordered, which they botched the timing of (for another time), I watch as the counter boy, cut open a plastic, several gallon bag of lobster bisque and pour it into the canister. I tried to pick the empty bag out of the garbage to read it but my James Bond skills failed me. So while I don't know where it was from exactly, I do know it was not home made. Again, I think lobster places should be making their own lobster soups.

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            Good story, I have always marveled at how the lobster bisque at Point Lookout and Jordan's are identical. Now I know the secret, same wholesaler. By the way if you ever have a problem at Jordan's find Steve Jordan a blonde guy wearing a Jordan's shirt, he is almost always there by the cashier.He is a great guy who is dedicated to customer satisfaction and as an owner gets problems solved.

            1. re: stuartlafonda

              Paper plates, plastic silverware, packaged salt, pepper etc, faily high prices, No table service... I don't think so!

              1. re: Nancy191

                Because, of course, fine china guarantees good food.
                I don't think so.

                I've had great meals in roadfood-sorts of places; I don't feel that how the meal is served doesn't effects the taste.

                1. re: Scott_R

                  Sorry, BUT, I din't NOT say that Because, of course, "fine china guarantees good food"
                  I said that I do not like eating from cheap paper plates and plastic silverware.
                  My opinion....
                  As for roadside places, fine, this is not a cheapo roadside place, lunch here is well over $25,00 per person.
                  And I agree with the peson that said:
                  The lines can be long with people hovering your table like a vulture to claim a table as people vacate is no fun at all. The view is nothing more then the parking lot, garbage chute or the bathrooms with the doors always left open.

                  1. re: Nancy191

                    You brought up the subject of paper plates, etc., without placing it in any other context. What sort of utensils would you expect in such a place?
                    As for the price: seafood [increasingly] is expensive. Lunch at Southside in Lindenhurst (plastic utensils, disposable plates, views of Merrick Road or the parking lot--if you crane your neck out the windows) runs about the same price.

                    1. re: Scott_R

                      I tend not to go to places like that either.
                      I'm not a snob and i do like road side places, but this is not one of them.
                      Last time I was there, about a year ago, we had to sit next to a smelly garbage bin and the rest room also.
                      And to get a pack of sugar or salt or pepper you had to go to their next door fish market.
                      Give me a break.