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Jul 31, 2008 11:38 AM

Barcelona/Madrid from August 19 - 25 - bad idea?

I'm contemplating a trip to Barcelona and Madrid. The problem is that I would have to arrive August 19 and fly out early on August 26. Thinking also about the Penedes wine region. Is this a bad idea? Is everything closed then? I saw some references to the middle two weeks of August to be the worst, so this is not encouraging. Thanks for any advice!

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  1. Some bars and restaurants will be closed those dates since half the locals are on vacation at the beach. But there will still be plenty of places to eat, shop, sightsee. And speaking of Madrid, it's a great time to be here since the city is a little less crowded.

    1. Visiting Barcelona and Madrid is NEVER a bad idea. There is a very recent thread on Barcelona in August. The link:
      If you can spare an afternoon while you are in Barcelona, some of the best restaurants are just outside of city and an easy train ride.: El Raco de Can Fabes, El Celler de Can Roca, Hispania, Sant Pau. They are highend destination restaurants but definitely worthwhile. They're all been covered on this board.
      Madrid will be less crowded and should be a blessing for the museums. There is always something good to eat in the city.

      1. In Madrid, it is the last two weeks of August when things really grind to a halt. If you want to see the city in full swing, then I would save it for another trip, but if you want to visit museums and can appreciate the slow rhythm of late summer, then go for it. Lot of restaurants, bars, and stores will be closed, but--given the freakish number of places to eat, drink and be merry here--there are still probably more than you would find in most other places...

        1. Thanks, all. I've decided to go (Valencia + Barcelona), so now it'll just be a matter of planning out my meals. I'll keep you posted on my food itinerary.

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            Chestnut - how was it? I'm debating about the same decision, and don't know if the second week vs. the third week of August makes a difference.