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Jul 31, 2008 11:36 AM

Eats between Nashville TN and Sewanee TN

Hi Hounds:

I am flying into Nashville tomorrow for a wedding in Sewanee. For some reason it didn't occur to me to ask about eats until now, so if anyone has any quick recs, I'd appreciate it. We like pretty much everything, but are well-stocked here in Philly with Mexican and Italian food, so I'd rather avoid them unless the place is really great. BBQ would be good, we don't have any good cue here. Ditto any place that serves great biscuits. We'll be needing:

- Lunch after we land in Nashville tomorrow (Friday), and before we leave on Monday. Like I said the wedding is in Sewanee, so places that are south/southeast of the airport would be most convenient so we don't have to double back. If there is nothing by the airport we could stop in Smyrna or Murfreesboro instead.

- Breakfast, lunch (or brunch!) on Saturday and Sunday in or around Sewanee/Monteagle. I've read that Pearl's Cafe is very good so we'll probably go there for brunch one day.

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  1. I would recommend lunch in Murfreesboro at either Slick Pig BBQ or the Kleer-Vue lunchroom. If you do Slick Pig, be sure to go to the original location on Main Street rather than the one close by the interstate. And get some smoked chicken wings -- they are excellent. Kleer-Vue is a great cafeteria-style meat & 3. Their hot water cornbread is the best I've ever eaten and any meat served "smothered" (with gravy) is always good. Enjoy!

    1. My dad ate at the Front Porcch in Murfreesboro last month and it knocked his socks off. It's Southern "Sunday dinner" food with a little tea room cuisine mixed in.

      Just got back from Sewanee (I got married there, too, a long time ago) and can recommend Crust, a new pizza place two doors down from the blue, heavily leaning building that houses Shenanigans. Homemade dough, homemade everything. Great pasta. Shenanigans for sandwiches/quiche/soup is always a good bet, too. I can't believe OSHA allows the place to operate in its condition, so that should give you a topic of conversation. Blue Chair cafe another two doors down has good saladss and great baked goods. Pearl's -- get the crab eggs benedict, or maybe it was spinach and shrimp eggs benedict. It's a multi-species lipid extravaganza.

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        Yep, Front Porch is quite good and fluffernutter's description is spot on.

      2. Just got back from the trip, I did stop at Slick Pig and was impressed with the barbecue, I've never seen pulled pork served on a cornbread pancake before. Also had brunch at Pearl, it was pretty good, the setting there is very nice. Thanks for the recs. Next time I'll try the Front Porch.