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Jul 31, 2008 11:22 AM

I know you all will be glad when my Vegas trip is over with...another question

We have reservations at Alex and based on information from other sites I'm starting to rethink it and change it to Danial Boulud's place for dinner one night. Thoughts?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. They're very, very different places. Alex is one of the premier restaurants in town. I especially liked the tasting menu, although the standard prix fixe menu is also excellent.

      Daniel Boulud is a relatively simple place. It's very good, but not in the same class as Alex. Of course, its price also isn't in the same class!

      If you want details, I've reviewed these restaurants at .

      1. Strange....I also responded to this post but they removed it. I also reviewed it on my blog, but also posted that review here on CH at

        Long story short: We weren't as "wowed" by Alex as we felt that we should have been for the $850 price (tasting menu for two, with wine pairing and tip) However the food was excellent...our complaints were more about the general experience and service. Dinner at Guy Savoy, where we ate two nights later, was twice as expensive but worth the price so it's all relative.

        Have not been to Boulud but hear great things. Can't wait to hear about it upon your return.

        1. Go with Alex for a truly memorable meal. DB is a great place with an inventive menu but Alex seems to take the food, service, ambiance to the next level. Alex has seen very few negative reviews. They have come through big on 4 occasions now for me without decrement. I'm now exactly sure what went wrong with ejs1492s experience there. After reading his review I was wondering if he was talking about the same place. I also highly recommend the tasting menu.

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            Our experience at Alex was definitely an anomaly, from what I can tell. It is universally adored and respected but, somehow, on the night we were there they just weren't firing on all cylinders. I find climberoc's comments to be consistently in agreement with my sentiments, so I'm convinced that we just had an "off night."

            Long story short: Unless you want to spring for Guy Savoy, Alex is a pretty good bet.

            1. re: ejs1492

              I think you both have touched on two important aspects of Vegas dinining.....1) Consistency - it really is the mark of a truly exceptional restaurant and something that Vegas often wavers on (this is also deemed by the vantage point of the diner) and 2) Value - Vegas is expensive!!! It's like getting a popcorn at the movie theater or a coke at the's gonna cost ya when you enter those casino doors. Not to say my meals at Guy and JR weren't worth the price, it just might be of different values based on your perception.

              Had a great meal at DB. It was sincere and fun, but Alex is a classy, ballet-inspired setting. DB is more casual. You decide...maybe even do both or save one for next time? What is your final line-up? Do you feel like wearing a dress or jeans? Do you want to enjoy your dining companion or are you looking to be entertained by a water show? Do you want an intimate experience or more movement? Do you want to possibly be inspired by the food or have classic french bistro?

              Hope these questions and comments help.

              1. re: ciaobelly

                Yeah. As ciaobelly said, you can do both. Especially when DB has an earlybird prix fix menu for $48 which includes 3-courses. One of the best values in town. After that, you still may have enough $$$ to spring for the $800 for 2 to enjoy the tasting menu with wine pairings at Alex.

                1. re: ciaobelly

                  The water show thing is no big deal...Dh will be wearing a jacket, but not a suit. I'll be in something other than jeans. We really don't want to spend Savoy type of $$$$ but wanted two upscale meals (our plan is for Alex one night and Picasso the other for those meals). A more casual (and inexpensive dinner) is Lotus of Siam, which we have planned for one night. The fourth night is up in the air mainly because we may be watching college football at the time, so we're playing it by ear. We're planning on brunch at Tableau and the short list for lunches includes Mesa Grill, Olives and Burger Bar.

                  1. re: Janet from Richmond

                    You might think about Enoteca San Marco for a lunch. It's a good intro to Mario Batali's cooking at a reasonable price. They have an outstanding selection of Italian wines by the glass.

                    Tableau is a great choice for brunch.

                    Burger Bar. Well it seems to me you can find good burgers just about anywhere. BB is highly touted by many on this site though. I thought it was good but not good enough to draw me back on any regular basis.

                    Mesa Grill has performed for me twice now. A good choice in my view.

                    Have not dined at Olives.

                    I am confident that Alex will come through for you. Let us know how it goes.

                    1. re: climberdoc

                      Thanks for the heads up on Burger Bar. I will probably 86 that. Dh is being a trooper about Lotus of Siam and was already less than enthusiastic about Burger Bar, but loves Italian. He'll be at a conference so that is one reason why lunch plans aren't firm...I may be alone looking for some action <g>

                      1. re: Janet from Richmond

                        The shortrib and eggs at Tableau is absolutely over the top decadent and a don't miss. I typically try to avoid dishes like that, but I can never resist.

                        Enoteca has an amazing lamb ragu which my wife has been having a lot of fun trying to replicate.

                        LOS is a great experience. You might do a search on what to order though. There are directions on the menu which you may not want to go. Consensus on the lunch buffet has been very negative, so you may want to avoid that.

                        1. re: climberdoc

                          Dh loves short ribs and lamb, so thanks for those recommendations. I will definitely do a search for LOS, especially for Dh. He loves duck, so that was what quickly came to mind. And we're going for dinner so that should be nice (and a break to the Visa from our dinners at Alex and Piccaso).

                          I cannot thank you all enough for your help with this. I started posting on Chowhound in 2004 for my 40th birthday to Chicago and have been a regular poster (South is my area board) since. You all have gone above and beyond.

                          1. re: Janet from Richmond


                            The first thing I thought of when I read your DH likes duck is the duck tasting menu at Wing Lei at the Wynn. My sister and I had this on one of our recent visits and enjoyed it very much. Wing Lei is very elegant and the service was great. I just checked the Wynn's website and this is still on the menu. It is called "Peking Duck 5 Course" and also includes dessert (as a 6th course).

                            I'm not sure why your DH is not a big fan of Thai food but for example, for me, I do not like curry at all and I also do not do very spicy food. Still, there are Thai dishes one can enjoy. I've posted several times about the Thai beef salad at LOS, which I think is one of the best dishes ever! I just get it non-spicy. Pad thai is also a dish that I like. ANyway, just a couple of suggestions. Enjoy your trip!

                            1. re: Michelle

                              I agree with your high praise for the beef salad. It was fantastic!

                              Those menus on the Wynn site do not get updated very often. In fact, Alex's posted website menu has changed twice in the time since it was posted. I'm sure that something like the Peking Duck 5-course would stay pretty consistent but the website menu does not necessarily reflect the current offerings.

                              1. re: climberdoc

                                How much is the Peking Duck 5 course meal?

                                I tried looking it up on the Wynn site, but am having trouble with the add-in.


                              2. re: Michelle

                                Funny thing, the pad thai at LOS is one of my least favorite versions of that favorite dish. Didn't do anything for DH or I the one time we had it, and we're both big fans of pad thai and all things with peanuts.

                                BTW, I had lunch at LOS Wednesday with a vegetarian friend. He is visiting Las Vegas from Puerto Rico, had heard about the restaurant, and wanted to try it before he left soon. Lunch was the only time we could get together...and he wanted me to order. It was a bit of a challenge, as some of my favorite dishes there involve meat. However, the staff was very nice about making a vegetarian version of the Khao Soi (sp?) with tofu, and it was delicious. (btw, the staff was enjoying the same dish, although probably with meat, for their lunch as we were leaving...). We also had the tofu salad and the spicy mushroom dip from the Northern menu. I left full and satisfied....

                                1. re: Michelle

                                  Dh is not a big fan of curry or fish sauce.

                                  1. re: Janet from Richmond

                                    "Dh is not a big fan sauce."
                                    That is going to make things a little difficult with Thai, but perhaps the people here can steer you toward dishes without.

                2. DB (like your other choice Picasso) has a corkage policy, if that at all interests you. It is a way to keep costs low while enjoying a great bottle of wine. I am not sure (I think $25 @ DB and $40 @ Picasso) but each and everytime I have brought my own I have never been charged. Being friendly and pouring for a glass somelier or GM goes a long way to getting that corkage erased.