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Jul 31, 2008 11:19 AM

Is this a date? dinner spot

I am looking for a place for that awkwardly questionable "is this a date or just a meal?" dinner. I guess casual/fun yet quiet enough for two people to talk. Moderately priced and in a vibrant neighborhood with after-dinner activity. No limitations to type of food. Anyone have a good recommendation(s)?

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    1. re: offthebeatenpath1


      To the original poster - Le Gamin, 'Ino, N, Le Colonial, Lucky Strike, Cafe Gitane, Petite Abelle (any branch).

    2. Bar Carrera or Bar Veloce. You'll sit side by side which might be a) chummy or b) intimate.

      1. Similar suggestion to the others - Bar 13 on 6th Ave.

        1. Nothing specific but I would definately be looking in the Union Sqaure area. Plenty of good/fun places and tons to do in the nab.

          1. Paprika on St Marks Place near 1st ave. Nice atmosphere, good wine, tasty italian food. Could be romantic, or just casual. Also, fun neighborhood.

            Or Esperanto on 7th & Ave C, then head over to Louis 649 or Rue B for drinks.