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Jul 31, 2008 10:40 AM

Looking for Thai & Vietnamese in Westside?

my location is between hells kitchen & UWS and have been looking for great authentic thai & vietnamese restaurants(in any price range)...would you help?

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  1. Pongsri is decent Thai in that area.

    1. for cheap and decent Yum Yum Thai

      1. Saigon Grill on 90th & Amsterdam is delicious. There is always a wait, but the food is superb!

        1. Land Thai in the West 80's. Love the green papaya salad and the red snapper with three sauces. there is a lot of red chili and green curry tossed around. Really good food, though.

          1. The best Thai that I've tried in the area, and probably in all of Manhattan, is at Thai Market on the UWS (107th and Amsterdam).

            I haven't had really good Vietnamese in the area, but find myself ordering from Saigon 48 on Seamless a lot -- in part because it's there and in part because it makes a good and reasonably authentic steamed rice crepes dish with chicken.

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              Just went to Saigon 48 last week for lunch and had grilled meats (chicken, beef and pork) over vermicelli.

              I liked it a lot (good-sized portions and nice job with all the meats!) though it came with only a couple of cilantro sprigs. Full disclosure - I'm a cilantro freak and would marry it if legally permitted so that's really just a quibble.

              The only thing that was a disappointment was the Vietnamese filtered coffee. Very bitter and harsh - not smooth at all. Still, I would go back. It's quite a bargain for the area and the atmosphere is very pleasant for something so close to Times Square.


              Glendale is hungry...