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Jul 31, 2008 10:29 AM

Fergus & Bix Calgary

Fergus & Bix Restaurant & Beer Market is now open at 873-85th Street SW (at 9th Ave) in the same strip plaza as Sweetgrass Market. We decided to have dinner and a beer. The place was jam-packed full for an early Wednesday evening. The interior design is really nice; the partners have invested a lot of money into this nice pub/restaurant. The partners were involved in the original Orignal Joe's. The name comes from the town of Fergus, Ontario, where one of the partners grew up, and Bix is from (I don't recall).

I had the Driskill Chicken Pizza, which was pretty good, alhtough the chicken was cut into very tiny perfect squares. Came with some veggies and bacon bits on a whole wheat thin crust similar to pita bread. Tasty, and worthwhile trying the other pizzas on the menu. Miss L had the fish & chips (halibut), since it looked so good when served to another table. It arrived not as hot as it should be. They promptly made a brand new batch for her, which she liked. I tried her halibut, which was very nice. Chips were OK, nothing really special, but better than many. Number 1 Son tried the Smoked Meat Sandwich (of course), and found it to be ... well, not smoked meat as it should be. While it was better than most smoked meats, it was finished by baking (?), and nowhere near a true Montreal Smoked Meat. Mind you, the menu didn't profess that it was Montreal style either. It was OK, he said, and many people would probably like it, although it wasn't his favourite. I had the Full Moon Pale Ale, which I found to be really nice. They had the Wild Rose Wraspberry (there oughta be a law!), which both of them enjoyed. I had a small sip, and there was a raspberry flavour in the backgrounf. I have no comment on raspberry beer!

Fergus and Bix is a really nice place. Worth the visit by anyone in Wentworth. Nice atmosphere, excellent service and quite good pub grub (better than most).

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  1. I had been waiting patiently for the past few months for Fergus & Bix to open. Living in the west side of the city, there is only so much Moxies and Earl's a guy can take! Anyways, we went last week and it was apparent they were still working out the kinks. Three appetizers and three entrees on their menu were not available and a few of their wines were also not available but when you are in your first week of operation, we were not too bent out of shape. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich and it was fantastic!!! They use a mustard based BBQ sauce for the pulled pork which was a nice touch. I believe the server said they have 17 beers on tap and looking at the menu the vast majority of them are from local area microbrews. The server said they will launch a brunch service on the weekends where kids will be welcome.

    1. Thanks for the review, nice to know there's a place to have dinner out with the kids besides Earl's (as mentioned!)

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        Only child friendly from 10am -3pm. We stopped in just after 5:30 for supper and were given the no children after 3pm info. There are still some kinks as apparently their food was not delivered on time and they had "no food until 6:15" tonight - The decor looked nice .... from the door. It was back to Little Chef for family dining in the area! We may try them for lunch or on a date night so would love to hear that Fergus & Bix is really ready and have food in the kitchen!

        1. re: canuckmum

          Do you know if this is a liquor license thing or just a restaurant policy? If it is the latter, is this even legal?

          1. re: Cowgary

            Did not see your post - you ask a great question - in light of other recent posts - I doubt I am even interested in figuring it out!

      2. I went to the Fergus & Bix this afternoon and will not return. This was a long weekend so the place was dead. I went to the bar and the waitress asked me if I would like something to drink. I orderd a beer and she also brought me a menu, the bartender was too busy chit-chatting on the phone to come and take my order. The waitress starts telling me what they don't have on the menu, I was shocked! How can you have a brand new restaurant opened for a month and still have stuff missing off the menu. That's very bad!

        After looking over the menu the bartender comes up to me and says "what would you like" no hello, no I sorry about that just what would you like. I was ticked!

        I ordered a Tortelli dish which was around $17.00 and two small pints that were $5.75 each so the total cost was $29.93. I asked if I can get some parmesan cheese for my pasta, guess what the bartender said. I'm sorry but we don't have any and that someone is going over to the Co-op to go and get it. Can you believe it...$17 dollar pasta and they don't have cheese to give me? The pasta was edible but nothing to write home about and definately not worth the price. The pints of beer were also quite small compared to other locations that I've been to around the city. The bartender would be chatting on the phone when he wasn't doing anything. Also, what seem like a dishwasher came to the bar to use the phone for someone to come and pick him up. Shouldn't calls whether business or personal be taken in the back and not in front of customers for them to hear??

        Also a few times when I've driven to the Shoppers Drug Mart which is next door, I've seen young guys hanging around the front door like it's a mob hang out.

        Bottom-line I have to say that I was disappointed and hope for their sake that they turn things around otherwise I can't see them lasting for much longer. But for right now this restaurante does not belong to this neighborhood.

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        1. re: JimBobBillyBob

          Sounds like you were in a bad mood that day. Given the low standards of service in Calgary these days, the talking on the phone bit sounds pretty typical. As do pints at $5.75 and, sadly, $17 for pasta... all typical these days.

          I live a couple of blocks from F&B and drive past it daily, I have only rarely seen people standing outside and the always appeared to be smokers... an unfortunate side effect of the smoking ban.

          1. re: Cowgary

            "Sounds like you were in a bad mood that day" ???

            Actually it sounds like the serving staff don't give a $hit whether their employer stays in business for long.

            "Typical" high prices are one thing. But bad service is unacceptable. Because it is occurring at many places doesn't mean people like me and JimBob have to accept it.

            1. re: newJJD

              Maybe the bartender was on the phone ordering all the missing food....

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                Wishful thinking, but maybe the bartender was on the food ordering all the missing food........ oh dear.

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                  ok step away from the

          2. Been to our new little place in the neighborhood. I had the pulled pork sandwich and it was so soggy that the bun was a complete mess half way through. Another time we had nachos and it was poor. The food needs a face lift as it is sub par. Beer selection is good. Our first time there the service was poor. Second time was better. Had a server who liked her job. Overall nice inside but the food is nothing great.

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              We've been there several times since F&B first opened. Initially the food and service were very good. By November, food quality had gone decidedly downhill. Then they pulled our favourite beer (Wild Rose Brown) off the taps for some seasonal cherry porter. By January, the Brown was still gone, but a new "seasonal" beer was on tap.. and food quality had dropped to abysmal.

              We've stopped going there....

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                F&B is pretty much in my backyard, I had been looking forward to their opening for over a year since we don't really have anything else West of 85th ST. I've been over a dozen times, always get good service, but the food is truly a disappointment.

                From my experience though their appetizers are what you should order in case you are hungry... that's how I've been doing it the last 6 trips and can easily say I leave happier with regards to food then anyone who had a main instead from our group.

              2. I'm with most of the rest of you- adequate (at best)- but not worth returning to. I've been there a couple of times, once when it just opened and once this winter and neither times did we leave there impressed. BUT the Concorde Restolounge further down the road in Aspen Hills (@ 17th AVE) is fab. Took our (little) girls there for brkfst/brunch last weekend and definitely plan on becoming regulars. Great food, fast, pleasant, efficient service