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Jul 31, 2008 10:23 AM

In Good Company

Does this Rockland ME restaurant have a website? Tried to google it but came up w nothing.

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  1. I don't think they have a website. I'm pretty familiar with the place so ask away.

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    1. re: zeph74

      As far as I can tell they do not have a website. This is the best I could do for you. ( Any way hope this helps. Earle

      1. re: zeph74

        Making a reservation for next Thursday night. Whats good on the menu? I usually order seafood. Your favorite appetizer?

        1. re: shaebones

          Their appetizers are all good, heavy on the cheese, which I love. They have a great baked garlic head with your choice of cheese, I like it with local goat cheese, yum. For meals, I love their salmon or their beef tenderloin. So very good. enjoy!

      2. IGC's website is Since their menu changes weekly, the site includes some sample menus.

        1. No phone service down here in Cushing. Do I need a reservation for IGC on a Thursday night around 7p this week? Have emailed my request...but you know how that goes, :/

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          1. re: shaebones

            They don't take reservations unless it's for a party of six or more, or a special event. Just go, you should be fine.