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Jul 31, 2008 10:07 AM

NYC trip to old haunts

Born/raised/worked in the city and am returning(from Atl) for a 40th anniversary.Guess age is setting in and cant remember places i used to go 20 years ago and wonder if you all can help.There are 4 places i liked---one was a seafood restaurant near Fulton Street market,uner the el.Think the name started with an S.
Another was a place on Bdwy I think near the battery, that was very old and Washington did his inauguration speech there
Third was a German place near 14th st and Bdwy, Union Square--remember it had tine ceilings, think it starts with an R
Finally, theres a great place that served incredible lamb about one block north of the new MSG (i know its now old)--rememer it had Irish pipes hanging all over.
Thanks so much for the help, and if you have time, could you give me your thoughts if the place is still nice.

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  1. Incredible lamb spot is Keen's. Old place is probably Fraunces Tavern. German place could be Rolf's but that is on 3rd and 21st. No idea about the seafood restaurant.

    1. I suspect the lamb place is Keens (I've not been) and that the place where Washington spoke maybe Fraunces Tavern, though I'm not sure it's on Broadway. Haven't been there either. Might Rolf's be the German place?

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          There is a German place on 20th & Broadway called Silver Swan.

          1. re: baldwinwood

            Not any more there's not. Silver Swan closed.

        2. Though it didn't begin with an "R," the German place near 14th you remember sounds like Luchow's, at that location on 14th St., which went out of business perhaps 25 years ago. There is an NYU dorm on that block now (of course) and Trader Joe's. You will find much has changed, alot for the better but some nice old places are no more.

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            you folks are good ---Fraunces,Keens,Luchows are right on.Is Rolfs a good place--I thought of the seafood spot near Fulton st fish market--it was Sweets (sp), but couldnt find any reference to it on Board.Im going to do more research on the board rather than have you folks spend more time when i can perhaps look up stuff.I may ask some more in next few weeks to find newer places near where we are staying 3rd and 50th--thanks again

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              Sounds like a good plan - we'll be happy to help!

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                Sweets is long gone--along with the Fulton Fish Market.

            2. Fraunces Tavern is still there, but the food sucks. Drop by for a drink and eat elsewhere.Could the Union Square German place have been Luchow's? If it wa, it is gone.

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                thanks again--too bad about Sweets--used to go there with my mom.Oh well--also thanks for tip on Fraunces

              2. The original comment has been removed