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Jul 31, 2008 09:57 AM

Best Bars in Philly

A group of 20-30 friends and I are chartering a school bus on a Saturday night to a bunch of bars in/around Philly for a friends birthday. Any recommendations? We're looking for a place that can handle a group of us quickly and easily...preferably with good drinks (beer is the fav) and great specials.

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  1. the best bars in philly won't be able to handle a group of 30 people quickly on a Saturday night, because they'll be crowded.

    1. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for me) any place I would recommend as an excellent, top line bar would be unable to handle 30 people easily on a Saturday night. The only places that come to mind are along Delaware Ave or Finnigan's Wake - none that I would ever label best bar or even tolerable though.

      1. While your group is rather large, there are places that can handle you. Triumph Brewery can easily handle your group but you better call ahead and let them know you are coming. Beers and food are good. They have space upstairs and down that will suit you. Depending on what time you go out, National Mechanics has a large space for drinks, but not food. Take into account the later you go out, the busier it will be. If you show up at 6-7pm, you'll pretty much have your pick of any bar to go to.