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Jul 31, 2008 09:48 AM

Help - romantic dinner outside of Seattle?

I am looking for a romantic, relaxing, "off the grid" restaurant to escape to. We're busy professionals who just need to get out of the city for a night.

Good things: quiet or live music (of the relaxing variety, jazz, piano, flamenco, something like that). Outside of Seattle. Perhaps a nice scenic drive to get there. And of course, great food.

I'd love to do something like Herbfarm or Juanita, but trying not to break the bank quite that much.
I'm also thinking something like Serafina, but with a non-city vibe. Something a little bit more of an escape.

Any ideas???

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  1. Cafe Nola in Winslow on Bainbridge Island

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      Second Cafe Nola. If you want to do a day out of the city even, they have an amazing brunch.

      1. Cave B in Quincy. They have some jazz nights in the wine tasting room. The food wasn't great when I was there, but supposedly it has turned around. The wine is good and the location and atmosphere are excellent.

        1. Oyster Bar on Chuckanutt Drive. Romantic good food and service and a great drive.

          1. Mill Creek is not too far out of Seattle and there is an amazing restaurant that my wife and I go to on Saturday nights. It's called Emory's on Silver Lake. There is a new chef there and the food is quite exciting. It's not too expensive and there is always live music on Friday and Saturday nights in the lounge. Check it out! It's great!