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Jul 31, 2008 09:24 AM

Might get caught by the hook of a crook no time for cool...

Exiled Louisiana native - I lived in NO for 4 years after graduating from LSU. I’m in the city a few days every year en route to my hometown. Headed down in a few weeks for fishing in Grand Isle.

Trying to bust out of the usual Uptown, Midcity, FQ scenes. Looking for new local spots to explore - plate lunches, dive bars with unexpectedly good food, plastic chairs, working class ethnic spots, etc. Domilise’s type vibe is near what I'm looking for. I’m particularly interested in the outer reaches of the city – 9th Ward, West Bank, Chalmette, Arabi, the East, Harahan, etc…

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  1. Harahan - Hillbilly BBQ
    MidCity - Liuzza's BTT
    Uptown - Rivershack
    Clearview/Elmwood - Fat Hen Grill (brand new)
    East - Walkers, Bacchanal

    1. How 'bout some good chow on the way to Grand Isle? Stop in Golden Meadow at Oceana or Rosie's, or hit the Leeville Restaurant for seriously fresh seafood (obviously it is in Leeville)....or pull off of US 90 for catfish in Des Allemands at Spahr's.

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        Great idea. Any more info on any of these places (Oceana, Rosie's, Leeville Restaurant)? I'll look around. If you could only do one?

        1. re: southernwayfarer

          Rosie's is just a roadside diner; good for greasy breakfasts, as it is open 24 hours....easily skipped. Cafe Oceana is run by cooks who are former employees of the late, lamented Randolph's (formerly in Golden Meadow); it is a typical bayou Lafourche small town restaurant--seafood-heavy, lots of fried choices, and ample portions (killer fried chicken, too).

          Leeville Restaurant is seafood-centric, and located just steps away from commercial fishing docks...I'd probably give the edge to Leeville Restaurant, though Spahr's makes a good bloody mary to-go (assuming you're not the designated driver).

          Cafe' Oceana
          2606 N Alex Plaisance Blvd, Golden Meadow, LA 70357

          Leeville Seafood Restaurant
          24203 Highway 1, Golden Meadow, LA 70357

          Spahr's Sea Food Restaurant
          3682 Highway 90 E, Des Allemands, LA 70030

          1. re: Hungry Celeste

            Renewing an old thread...
            How about restaurants in Grand Isle? I'm told some are open all fall/winter.
            Good? Compared to Leeville Seafood?

          2. re: southernwayfarer

            The big restaurant right at the turn to Port Fourchon is really good, too. The name escapes me, however.

        2. Kim Son on the Westbank. order the vietnamese dishes: slat baked crab, shrimp, scallop and lobster, the garlic green beans and the pork lettuce wraps. there is also a 7 course beef dinner.
          Joe Sepie's in Old Jefferson for roast beef po boys or head to the Rivershack for either the weekday lunch specials or any other time for burgers, po boys and sweet fries. great beers too! also check out Crabby Jack's on Jeff Hwy.
          in MidCity, check out Arabesque and Cafe Minh.
          Riverbend area, Sara's for Indian.