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Jul 31, 2008 09:07 AM

Could use some advice,please. Everything in full-size garage freezer thawed.

One of those days...

The freezer was full, naturally. Tons of chicken, all of it thawed but still very cold. I plan to cook it all today, the oven is full right now with 3 trays of bone-in, skin-on leg quarters and breasts. There is still that much and more to cook. Once it's all cooked can it be refrozen? Does it make a difference if I freeze it as is or if I use it in a recipe and then refreeze? If so, some simple recipe ideas would be most appreciated. Simple is key, I am up to my ears in this today.

I have curry pastes, coconut milk, canned tomatoes, artichokes, and beans, rices, pastas, lentils, probably most of the basic pantry things. Not much fresh stuff, though, besides onions and carrots.

I'm thinking the 5 lbs of bacon can be refrozen uncooked?

about 15 bags of frozen peas, beans and edamame. Can they just be refrozen as is?

I threw out tons of things that couldn't be salvaged but am hoping these things will be alright.

Oh yes, I also thought I could refreeze frozen pizzas without cooking them. What do you think?

Thank you very much for any help.

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  1. Definitely re-freeze all that you suggest re-freezing. I guess I would cook, shred, tightly pack, and freeze the chicken. I use cooked shredded chicken in a lot of dishes.

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    1. re: Sam Fujisaka

      Thank you, Sam. I'll do just that and not worry about having to use it in recipes today. I feel SO MUCH BETTER!

      Many thanks. I'm off to check on Chicken Batch 1 .

    2. Well, there's usually a silver lining somewhere, right? I took this opportunity to finally treat myself to a Foodsaver and I love it!

      I shredded 16 cups of chicken and bagged it up in useful sizes, and bagged many baked whole chicken breasts and leg quarters in dinner-sized amounts. Then I bagged up all the bones etc leftover from the shredding and will use that for soup at some point.
      What a wonderful tool!

      1. I would go for re-freezing the bacon. The vegies will probably become a sold block of ice, so will be hard to use and probably deteriorate in quality, but should be safe. I think the quality will seriously suffer on the frozen pizza, but can't hurt to try. Good luck!

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        1. re: dkenworthy

          my mom always made us pizzas on pita bread that weren't cooked. she would make a huge batch, put them in those clear plastic veggie bags and we could make them after school whenever we wanted. We were never sick. It should be completely fine.

        2. Fern, you have had a busy day, but really productive!

          Foodsaver bags can become ruptured at a later date, unknown to you, if there are bones or shells near the bag surface. I won't do whole shrimp, as they seem to lose their seal. Chicken and pork should be nearly boneless too. Otherwise, Foodsaver is great, saves a lot of space, and is good boiled in bag.

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          1. re: jayt90

            While you lose a lot of quality if you refreeze raw things, if you cook it it changes its properties (like your chicken) and refreezing is fine, espcially if you've made stews and such like. In general, if everything was cold, there is likely no safety issue, but the refrozen raw items (veggies, pizza) may be really not very palatable when you try to use them. But as someone above said you can try.

            1. re: jayt90

              Oh, thanks for mentioning that. I'll repackage the bones. Thanks for the shrimp tip, too. You're right, this was one very busy day but the Foodsaver almost, *almost*, makes up for it. :)

              Thanks everyone, I appreciate the advice and am trying to refreeze both the pizzas and the veggies. I laid the veggie bags out flat so that they freeze into slim packages, hopefully that will make it easier to work with than a big block would. They may still be too icy, we'll see.

              Just threw the pizzas back as is and will give them a go another day.

              Many thanks to all.