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Jul 31, 2008 08:24 AM

Anyone know what happened to Earth, Bread and Brewery?

No sign of life for quite awhile at the EB+B site on Germantown in Mt. Airy. I was pretty excited about this place opening in May... then June... then worried in July.... Now I'm thinking they either ran out of money or hit a snag on a permit or somebody died.

Can anyone shed some light?

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  1. from what I've read on PhillyBlog, there's a tie-up with the LCP. They have been advertising for help in the local papers, so I'm hopeful it will happen in the not-too-distant future.

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    1. re: hungry100

      Yipes - what's the LCP? I'm guessing Liquor Control P-something. Why would this mysterious acronym'd agency want to deprive me of delicious local pizzas and beers?

      1. re: GDSwamp

        whoops, I meant the PLCB -- PA liquor control board...

        1. re: hungry100

          Whoever they are, I wish they'd get out of the way of my new restaurant. just checked out some online pix of the trial pizzas they've been cooking in the brick oven. I cannot wait for this place to open....

      1. I saw Tom Baker in New York about a month ago and we chatted about the new brewery. Since I don't live in the area I wasn't focused on when it would open, but it seems like things are moving forward.