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Jul 31, 2008 08:09 AM

In Search of a great Reuben

The Reuben sandwhich is by far and away my favorite sandwhich, it is usually the first thing I will look for on the menu when going out to lunch, quickly followed-up by asking the server "how's the Reuben". Nothing is more disappointing than being fired up for a reuben only to see the poor excuse for a reuben that usually lands in front of me, consisting of: soggy-bread, uneven distribution of rubbery corned beef, lacking enough saurkraut and a small dollup of russian dressing that does not cover the entire sandwich. In short, most reubens lack the love required to make a good one! This unfortunatley happens 90% of the time I order one. I am looking for those who have a similar passion in the Reuben that have managed to find a good one anywhere North of Boston.

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  1. Evans Deli in marblehead and Manhattan Sandwich shoppe in marblehead and swampscott do a pretty tasty reuben imho.

    1. Pops in the South End. The corned beef is incredible, and I raved about it for weeks. I know it's not north of Boston, but this is the place to go.

      1. I realize this isn't north of Boston, BUT the Reuben at Sam Lagrassa's in downtown Boston is to die for. It rivals the best I've ever had in NYC. A must try!

        Sam Lagrassa's
        44 Province St, Boston, MA 02108

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          there's a very recent post about 'wheres a good deli" which should help too. I wrote a bunch about Evan's corned beef which you might want to go read, so based on the phenomenal corned beef and the swiss and bread on our platters, i cant imagine that he doesnt make a superb reuben. Hope youll be able to add it to your great Top 5 cravings list soon!

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            Just had (half of) a Reuben delivered from Sam LaGrassa's - it's not Zingerman's but it's darn good. Huge too - the other half will be my dinner tonight!

            Good proportions on meat, kraut, cheese and dressing. Grilled and served on dark rye.

          2. My husband and I are usually so dissappointed with the Ruebens we get out have begun to make them at home for those nights I really don't want to cook... It is an entire project, homemade russian dressing, lots of kraut, just the right bread and of course the best corn been (sometimes if I can't find great corn beef I will use black pastromi) and lots of swiss melted over the top (& bottom) to hold it all on the bread...

            Mmmm... maybe we'll have them for dinner tonight...YUMMY!

            1. Michael's Deli on Harvard Street in Brookline. After all to be a great Reuben you have to have great corned beef and Michael's has the best!

              Here's their site:


              Photos of his sandwiches here