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Jul 31, 2008 08:05 AM

Victoria and Albert's - review and musings

Okay, so I've been to V&A's 5 times now, most recently last Friday night. The service and food, as always, was very good (nothing to complain about at all). But for some reason, I now feel that unless its your first or second visit to V&A, it just isn't worth the money. For the two of us, the tasting menu with a $20 supplement and the wine tasting and tip was $485.

There are so many great chefs opening restaurants across the country that are offering great food and service for much less money. And while I'm not opposed to spending $500+ for two, I think in the future I'll reserve that for places like Le Bernadin, Daniel, French Laundry, etc…

This is not a knock on V&A at all, as the experience was nothing but great. Just something I've been thinking about since dining there.

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  1. We really thought the same thing. Our first visit was to V&A's was a transcending experience, service and food were absolutely amazing that simple words cannot truly describe. If i could afford to eat there-several times a year, well we probably would. However, if your a foodie, you soon realize one could easily have 4- 5 amazing dinners elsewhere in town for the same amount of cash of that one experience at V&A's. But you need to treat yourself to Dinner there at least once, if you can.

    1. "in the future I'll reserve that for places like Le Bernadin, Daniel, French Laundry, etc…"

      At least you can into V&A - recently tried for weeks to get a spot in the French Laundry in September - no luck at all - kinda resigned myself to never eating there.

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        1. I have similiar feelings about the cost. Check to see if you qualify for the Disney Dining Experience card, it is 20 percent off of food and wine at disney sit down restaurants (you also get free valet). that would be almost 100 bucks on your one dinner. I do know it isn't good at the chefs table at V and A but it does work in the regular dining room.

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            We live in FL, have annual Disney passes & have purchased the Dining Exp. card. This is valid at V&A's, but not at the Chiefs Table.

          2. I've been able to dine in some sensational places round the country, but I've yet to come across one that's worth 5 bills of my own money for two people. I don't think I ever will see such an establishment.