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RW - Dinner at Tribeca Grill.... Good?

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Going to Tribeca Grill for RW, any pointers?

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  1. I have to preface this with the fact that it WAS 5 years ago, but i thought my RW dinner at TriGrill was one of the worst ive been to....

    Id love to hear if theyve improved, please report back!

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    1. re: bastet212

      I had similar experience (well, actually food was mediocre, service was ok), also 5 years ago.

      And my friend went there during non-RW week, equally unimpressive.

      1. re: bastet212

        the service was actually pretty good but the food was meh.

      2. Food was blah, very noisy and crowded to the gills. Tables placed helter skelter. Would avoid it if possible.