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Jul 31, 2008 07:49 AM

Degustation or L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon

I am deciding between these two places for a dinner next week. I have reservations at both. We are looking for a lively atmosphere and great, innovative food. Does anyone have any gut reactions on which one we should try? (We can't try both in this one trip because our other dinners are already booked).

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  1. L'atelier is livelier, better and two to three times the price of Degustation.....for the money Degustation is hard to beat, the L'atleier here is not a shadow of the same in Paris, imo...remember to consider location ....L'atelier in the very upscale Four Seasons midtown and Degustation in hipster east village....

    1. Adelia,

      I have dined at both restaurants quite a few times, but just want to understand why these two? While they both serve small plates, Robuchon is much more expensive and it can easily cost $200+ per person even with minimal alcohol. Degustation's tasting menus are only $50 for 5 courses and $75 for 10 courses.

      Of course, the service level, the decor, etc are not of equal level. Robuchon definitely provides a much better overall dining experience with everything close to flawless. The ingredients that they use are also the best you can possible get - a lot of foie gras (their specialties, I will say), kobe beef, freshest langostines you can fine, etc.

      Not to say Degustation is not good. It is in fact a bargain considered the price and the quality of food that they serve (not to mention that Chef Wesley is very handsome ;D). However, it still not quite the same level as of Robuchon, and the price reflects that.

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        To add what kobe said, there's also a difference of cuisines. Degustation is Spanish-influenced, while L'Atelier is more French.

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          Kobetobiko, I understand your point about these two places being very different from one another but I have wanted to try both for quite some time and want to sit at the counter and watch the chefs prepare our meal. That is the only common denominator. Otherwise, we are very flexible as to price and menu. It sounds like our best bet is to try Robuchon this time and hit Degustation next time we are in town so that we can contrast the two.

          1. re: Adelia

            We sat at the counter only seats available, but don't recall the chef preparing the food in front of you . The feeling and look is quite different from Paris. The food is as outstanding and I love L'Atelier