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Jul 31, 2008 07:48 AM

Visiting Capri and Sorrento end of month

hi we are going to Capri for 3 nights and Sorrento for 4, would like to get recommendations for restaurants that are a must in both places. Would like some that are visited by the locals.

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  1. At Capri's Marina Piccola, try La Canzone del Mare - superb food, and your table is right by the water where you can view the legendary rocks Scoglio delle Sirene.

    1. When you're in Capri, by the small bus go to Anacapri and then walk to LIDO DEL FARO (reservation is mandatory) and you will have, in my opinion, one of the best dinners in Capri in a very charming view, unique in the island and far from the tourists.
      In Sorrento, can you go to Piano di Sorrento and then in its beach hamlet named Ripa di Cassano ? Well, then you will have dinner at ACQUAPAZZA and you will enjoy it.
      The patron is Geppi, very kind, very clever.

      1. In Capri, La Capannina on Via delle Botteghe.

        1. DO NOT MISS da Gelsomina at the end of the island, Anacapri. It's about a 30 minute walk from Anacapri town or make arrangments for them to pick you up.
          Melt in your mouth raviola, fantastic rabbit, everything is wonderful. Family owned. This one is a true gem.

          1. I was in and around Sorrento just a few weeks ago and would highly recommend 2 places. Right in the heart of Sorrento (Centro), try da Gigino. It's off of one of the many narrow pedestrian streets, just off of the main square (address is Via Degli Archi, 15, tel: 081 8781927). It's a lovely place, nothing fancy, typical menu but the food, wine and service are very good. Reasonable prices by Amalfi standards. Just outside of Sorrento, in Piano di Sorrento, I highly recommend trying Silenzio Cantatore for a very special or romantic dinner. Address on their card reads Piano di Sorrento - Colli di S. Pietro, Via Meta Amalfi 101, Tel: 081 8083280 ( It is perched on the side of a cliff with breathtaking views of the water. Their specialty is fish and although the dinner will be a bit of a splurge, their fish prices are much lower than average for that part of the country (some fish are by weight and others by plate). The menu is not limited to just seafood though. Depending on how many courses you have and how much wine you enjoy, dinner may be around 60 Euros or less. We went to town but you might not. The service is exceptional; on a platter they present you with a selection of whole fresh fish ("catches of the day") to inspect and they explain how each differnent type of fish is prepared for the evenings' menu. Great lesson on what each fish looks like. The fish was very fresh and tasty. It was truly a very special, memorable evening. Be sure to go just before sunset (which is a bit early for Italians) to enjoy the view. It is in a really secluded spot, off the beaten path, down a very narrow, gravel, winding, cliff side road. We were lucky enough to get a ride from our B&B host - go ahead and drive if you are good at finding remote places and driving along difficult roads (the ride home will be very dark!!!!). Otherwise, I would strongly recommend a taxi or other transportation arrangements but the place is worth the effort!! It is not at all "touristy" and a real find that you can brag about later;-)

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              Can't really help with Capri, but I do know a bit about Sorrento, having spent several weeks there in recent years. The problem with restaurants in Sorrento is that the town is very touristy (though charming), so you have to look hard for places that take their food seriously and don't just cater to tourists in a dumbed-down way. If you are serious about finding good food in the area, you might consider eating at least some of your meals in neighboring towns, as the previous poster also suggested.

              With that in mind, I think Il Buco is a good high-end choice in Sorrento, as is Caruso -- if not only for the food, then also for the Caruso theme-park experience, complete with strolling tenor. (Yes, touristy, but also fun in its own way.) I also heard very good things about Antica Trattoria, but never managed to eat there. You'll probably want to have at least one meal in the marina grande, overlooking the water. Zintonio Mare is one place that we ate at a few times, and as I recall it was pretty good. On the more reasonable side, La Favorita O'Parrucchiano has a lovely garden and good pasta. We also really liked Zi'ntonio Pizzeria, which is just off the Piazza Tasso (and presumably owned by by the same family as Zi'ntonio Mare.)

              If you can venture outside of Sorrento for some of your meals, I would highly recommend two exceptional places in the town of Nerano: Quattro Passi, and Taverna del Capitano. They both offer inventive cuisine based on local, fresh ingredients -- pricey and elegant but not touristy or stuffy in any way. These were probably our two best meals in Italy. In Santa Agata sui due Golfi, a hill town just outside Sorrento, we had a great meal in a little trattoria called Stuzzichino. We also ate at the famous and luxurious Don Alfonso across the street -- the meal there was excellent, but for some reason, I remember the meal at Stuzzichino more vividly and favorably. Maybe because the owner/waiter, who was wearing a big "slow food" snail on his lapel, was completely charming, the food delicious, servings copious, and the bill around 1/10th of what we paid at Don Alfonso!