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Hey, I'm only in NYC for a couple days... want to have the quintessential slice of pizza... where do I go? Happy for a restaurant, a stand, whatever... just want that thin fold it in half pizza you hear about... Thanks!

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  1. For me, the quintessential cheap, easy NYC pizza stand would be Joe's on Carmine and Bleeker. But you'll probably get many, many different answers to that question.

    1. Pizza 33

      Artichoke Basilles


      1. Di Fara's. Just do any search for it on these or any other forums or on google, and all the gawking that food publications, blogs, and fans should be enough to convince you this is the legit nyc pizza.

        1. Yup, I agree with silencespeaks... Di Fara's is awesome. If you are vegetarian as your name suggests, try a regular slice with artichokes or broccoli rabe.

          1. I know people are nuts over Difara's but please....coming from someone who TRAVELLED to Brooklyn for this pizza. IT IS NOTTTT WORTH IT!!! There is another overrated place, right over the BK Bridge ANOTHER TRAP and CRAP I think it's Grimaldi's...DO NOT GOTO EITHER..YOULL BE DISAPPOINTED..All Difara's does is add some fresh herb to the pizza. the sauce is standard and the cheese is cheap. I heard Joe's is good...John's pizza in the Village is also worth trying..But I wish I knew the name. Around the corner from Johns is a small trattoria that makes italian style brick over pizza. This place is good! The pizza is oblong and just so tasty...again, around the corner from Johns but Joes or Johns might be worth it..if you goto NJ however...Sciortinos in S. Amboy and Michaels in Nutley are STAND ALONE PIES IN THE AREA>>>>Nothing generic about these guys!! Good luck!

            1. I won't bother debating this, the endless praise for Di Fara's by anything from Zagat (only pizza in nyc with 27 food rating) to Time Out (Ranked #1 on "New York's Tastiest Ten" list which includes ALL the food in nyc, not just pizza) to speak for themselves. In the end, people like what they like though, so if you like other pizza more, all the power to you.

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                There is no question that DiFara's is the best Pizza in NY (Some say the world, others, the universe) BUT unless you are on an obsessive pizza quest, with only a couple of days in NYC, I doubt if it's worth 3 hours (travel and waiting for a slice) of your time for a slice or two. Two Manhattan suggestions Patsy (East Harlem store only, 2nd Ave & 116th St) or Nick's (2nd Ave. & 94th St.).

              2. There is no real quintessential slice of pizza here. It's a myth. If one person suggests it, someone else here probably hates it (Joe's? Generic. John's? Low quality greasy). We do have good coal burning oven pizza and some old places which are fun but it's a question if you prefer fresh mozzarella pizza or class cheese. Try and find pictures online and pick what visually looks best to you.