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Jul 31, 2008 06:39 AM

Classic Sliders Recipe

Found this one which looks nothing like what I think a slider recipe should be:

Then, this one looks promising and I like the photo step by step.

Anyone have one they can share or want to pipe in on those two recipes. I need to make some for a party in a month or so and want to try out the recipe ahead of time in a smaller batch.

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  1. This one also looks not bad.

    Big debate about babyfood in it. It sounds disgusting, but of all of the prepackages and prepared foods out there, I would think you can get really good quality baby food with less salt and preservatives than other more popular items.

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      The recipe we use calls for Veal babyfood. And the reason is WC havve veal in them. During the depression they used top quality meats to help the poor have good food.

      My husband has combined most of these recipes and made our own recipe. No, he didn't write it down, it is in his head. The hardest part is finding buns that are small enough and not so sweet. We cut hot dog buns in thirds,

    2. Forget White Castle imitations- White Manna make the 'best in class' version of the slider anyway, and their style is easy to duplicate at home. Golf ball sized lumps of meat are placed on the griddle, sliced (not diced) onions are strewn on top and then the whole thing is pressed flat. At the end the cheese and bun are placed on top- it is important to use a dinner roll sized potato roll- every element has texture and presence but also blends into a single unit.

      There is a video of them being made on the Off the Broiler site:

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      1. re: TongoRad

        I saw this place on DD&D and was dying. It look so good.

        I may have to try this at home.


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          I saw this place on DD&D and practically wanted to crawl through the TV.

          I should try this the next time I make sliders.


          1. re: Davwud

            You can get pretty darn close to the real thing at home, especially if you use the Martin's brand potato rolls. It's the next best thing to being there, and you can accompany them with a beer to boot ;)

          2. re: TongoRad

            That is looking much more appealing that dehydrated onions and baby food. I will have to get a cast iron skillet for the smashing of the meatball.

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              I did this for dinner tonight and it was phenomenal. I have a CI grill plate that I put on the BBQ. It took a bit of learning to get the onions on the meatball properly but I found using a spatula and a pair of tongs did the trick.
              9 with bacon and double cheese. 9 just double cheese. The only garnish (other than the onion) was pickle and mustard. Ridiculously good. Even though we have lunch tomorrow I can't wait to make them again.

              Next time I'll get my camera out.


          3. I use Alton Brown's recipe.. simple and delicious. The step of rolling out the burger meat is key. Be sure to make a big batch cuz these go fast!


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            1. re: gibson

              When I've made them, it's the recipe (Or should I say method) I used. Except that I used my home made steak seasoning.


              1. re: Davwud

                Same here. Except I use Montreal Steak Seasoning and Martin's potato dinner buns as mentioned by a couple of other posters. Cook for 2 minutes in the George Forman. If they're just for me, I put them on a bun, add a slice of cheese, and store them in the refrigerator in sandwich bags. When I get fellin' snackish, I just nuke them for 3o seconds.

            2. I made these from a suggestion on Superbowl Appetizers
              It is from another members response.

              Last year I made mini bacon cheeseburgers. I used fresh ground chuck, slab bacon, grated Cabot habanero cheddar cheese and put them in sliced potato dinner rolls spread with a thin layer of ranch dressing mixed with a little Frank's Red Hot. The patties were about the size of a silver dollar and maybe 1/4 - 1/2 inch thick. I made roughly two dozen and they were gone 10 minutes after I pulled them from the grill.

              This year I am thinking about adding some grilled onions and thinly sliced dill pickle

              1. What about the debates:
                Baby Food vs No Baby Food - Does it make that much difference?
                Punching holes vs no holes?
                Dried onions vs fresh?