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Anyone tried Lunazul Tequila yet?

Apparently a Mexican made Tequila distributed by Heaven Hill, Lunazul Tequila is 100% Agave and pretty darn cheap. I can't find any good reviews about it online, so I was wondering if anyone has tried it yet? I'm thinking about picking up a bottle today, but I don't really want to try something new without knowing anything about it.

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  1. I just saw a bottle of Tequila 30-30 today and I was wondering about that as well?

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      30-30 is not bad, and I believe is inexpensive.It's great for an everyday tequila, but I wouldn't spend more than $20 for it.If I'm correct the reposado retails around $20 in Tijuana and should be the same here, give or take.Nice bargain tequila, so snatch it up.

    2. Just picked up a bottle for some margaritas. I took a couple shots to start off and it is extremely smooth, almost zero bite, but peppery and flavorful. I strayed from my normal margarita selection (Jimador) to give this a try and I'm happy with it, about $20 for a fifth. Definitely worth a try.

      1. Hey!

        Just ran to the liquor store because I was out of a few things...I LOVE the upper end...V.S.O.P. Cognac, Bombay Sapphire, Patron, etc. I was out of tequila and going for my usual brand, at $45. a pop, when I overheard one of the workers talking to someone about Lunazul Reposado at $18 for 750L....she was pretty well informed so I bought a bottle....she was right! It is just as good as anything else I've tasted....smooth with a peppery finish...you could sip it if you wanted with no lime needed!!! It's got my vote. Finally, a premium tequila that is cost effective enough for me to justify using it in a margarita! But it's great on its own...Go ahead 'theginguy' you will not be disappointed.....

        1. I have tried lunazul and it's a decent tequila. Especially good for mixing margaritas and stuff, that would be my recommendation, it's not too great for sipping straight.

          1. For the price, I think it's definitely worth a try. I bought a bottle of the resposado, and have really enjoyed it in El Diablos and Palomas. I used most of it to try making some tequila por me amante; it'll be a couple weeks yet before I know how that went! I'll definitely put it into my home bar rotation.

            1. I have a bottle of both the silver and the repo at home and enjoy them both. It's going for just under $20 here and has a $10 mail in rebate on one bottle. It's a hell of a tequila for $10.

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                Ran across it today in Des Moines for 24.99. The 10.00 rebate got me. It's a Resposada. I would have prefered a Blanco, as it will go for Margs.
                I have to confess still getting a bit confused with tequila. The people here, and my taste, have convinced me that 100 % agave is the only way to go, yet I still read a lot of post, from people who's opinions I've come to respect, that like Sauza and El Jimador for mixing. Taste is relative, headaches aren't. I guess I'll have to suck it up and try everything.

              2. Being from Texas, have tried many Tequilas over the past 30 years. Just tried Lunazul Reposado and really liked it. To me this is a very good Tequila. If it is around $20 then all the better, but I got this in a gift basket and haven't actually priced it here. Even if this is relatively affordable, this is too good for margaritas. Best margarita recipe: fill blender with ice, add one small can limeade, fill limeade can with any cheap tequila and add, fill half way with any cheap triple sec and add, squeeze in juice of one lime, blend, serve.

                1. I don't know when, sometime in the last month or two, but amazingly enough the Lunazul Reposado has turned up in PA state stores at $21.99. Will have to give it a shot. Another new add to the inventory is El Mayor Blanco, currently on sale at $24.99. For any PA readers these are "regular" so should be in any store.

                  1. I came across this thread a couple weeks ago and read it with interest since I go through a lot of tequila. This morning I'd gone up the street to the local indy grocery store for a few items; they've got a pretty decent liquor selection. I wasn't really planning to get tequila there but I saw the Lunazul for $16.99 (with store card, $19.99 regularly), remembered this thread and thought I'd give it a go. Since it would be specifically for Margaritas I purchased the Lunazul Blanco.

                    I'm pleased to add to the generally good responses above that for a very inexpensive tequila, Lunazul is surprisingly good. It made a very nice Margarita. There was a nice smoothness to it with just some ever so slight hints of smoke. Straight it had a nice peppery finish. My mother and aunt (both into their 90s) really like the Margaritas, I think the Lunazul will fit the bill nicely and keep them quite happy all summer long!

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                      I have been enjoying tequilla for better than 20 years and have tried many, many brands. I bought my first bottle of Lunazul gold about a year ago. It is now my favorite brand! It has a smooth but slightly peppery zing which makes it a perfect sipping tequilla for me.

                    2. This is one of the best tequilas I have had! 100% Blue agave and not a blend like Jose. More bang for your buck

                      1. It is my favorite for making margaritas. I use Reposado, and at about $20 a bottle, it's GREAT for the price. In fact, having some as I type this. =)

                        1. Picked up a bottle here for $17 today. Not a bad bargain tequila!