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Jul 31, 2008 05:08 AM

Charlestown Seafood Festival

Not sure if this has been discussed, but has anyone been before? Is it worth the drive from Boston or does it end up being a zoo and/or too pricey? Thinking about going down on Sat.

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  1. There was a brief discussion a couple of days ago. I've never heard that it was a zoo or too pricey.

    1. I have gone to it many times. There are all of your basic fair foods plus some good selections of seafood. You pay to park, you pay admission then you pay for each selection. I would just pick a nice place in Boston and have a seafood feast. I used to go because is is kind of close, but would not go a great distance for it.


      1. I have to agree with HC. I've been a couple times and live in the next town over, but I don't go anymore. Save the money and go to a Boston seafood place.

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          expensive,hot,dusty,no shade,your better off heading to the summer shack and feasting.

          1. re: im hungry

            So, i'm hungry, how expensive is the food? I haven't heard any complaints about the prices, but I don't know how much they charge compared to the local restaurants.

            I like Summer Shack and Jasper's menu is heavily influenced by his RI experience, but it's indoors (OK, it's not hot and dusty.). Yes, there are plenty of good, casual seafood places in Boston but I don't know if you can get clam cakes or stuffies that far outside of RI. And then there's Del's lemonade.

            It's a long drive and gas isn't cheap, but for out-of-towners it's an opportunity to sample the local specialties. Of course it's all relative and it all depends on what kind of experience you have in mind or whether you feel like a road trip.

            According to the festival's web site, parking is free. Does the $7 include the music, or are the bands off in a separate area?

            1. re: Betty Boop

              your better off going to evelyns,quitos,anywhere in galilee-pt judith,even flos.most of the venders are not even from ri,save your money ,imean ,spend your money at a real local seafood place,overlooking the water,enjoying fresh local seafood.i love dels too,try it with vitamin V,mmmmm.

              1. re: im hungry

                It is so popular nobody goes there anymore. :))

        2. The Charlestown Chamber of Commerce Seafood Festival. This is probably the worst dog show I have ever been too, ONCE. They state the food is sold by local vendors, most of the vendors are from Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and are on the carnival circuit. It is held in a local park on about 130 acres and they put everything in one area of about 250 ft long and 50 feet wide. It is very crowded. Since this is Rhode Island safety is not a primary concern. This is area is too crowded for the people they are looking to draw. They want a family crowd. It is an unsafe situation. I believe the Charlestown Chamber of Commerce follows the fire code for the state of Rhode Island. But these are Rhode Island standards they are not American standards which means they are what you would expect in a third world nation. Again it is all about the money. Yes people have to be paid for their work and risk of loss but the people going to this festival need to safe from a stampede if a fire in one of these fry carts does occur. If a fire does occur it will go from one fry cart to the next one with how tightly parked together. There are gas tanks and the hot oil. It is a dangerous situation. They have picnic tables right in the middle of this 50 foot walkway between the vendors. The tables are perpendicular to the vending booths. If you are getting a picture think very crowded and small places to walk through, just like another Rhode Island tragedy which did happen. The Station!
          I would love to see Rhode Island run as a first rate state but when all you do is want to shake down visitors and potential customers the only people you get are Rhode Islanders. Most of you don't know there are better ways or are afraid to try something new or go somewhere and see how it is done right.