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Jul 31, 2008 04:22 AM

Really good bread

I will be in TO and want to buy some really good quality bread, Italian style. The kind with a good crust, a little on the dense side and big holes in it.
For every day, I buy Ace Bread, but was wondering if there were some really authentic Italian bread bakeries.
Some French style would be a bonus.
What is the bread like at Thue?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. 3 quality Italian bakeries, and they've been around for decades - Nino Diversa on Keele just south of Finch (North York); Rustic Bakery on Keele and Rustic (just north of Lawrence Ave - North York) and Tre Marie on St. Clair Ave W just west of Dufferin; all three are authentic Italian bakeries. My french bakery fav is Pain Perdu on St. Clair Ave W just west of Christie - great baguettes, sourdough, etc. One other french - in the Beaches on Queen St. E - Zane's. Enjoy, you'll find lots of good bread in T.O.

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        love the offerings at pain perdu especially the baguette. it's just absolute perfection and pretty much never survives the drive home.

        thuet is quite good though i'm not a fan of his pastries. i don't have anything in particular i would suggest from him as i enjoy it all quite equally. i'm not too into the challah though.

      2. For your question as to what is the bread like at Thuet, it's really good. Try the potato speck, and multi-grain bread. The multigrain is great as toast and I love a the potato bread for a grilled cheese.

        1. I've always been a fan of the Pada buns or the Pao Caseiro at Caldense Bakery ( I find the Portugese style bread is nice and crusty, but easier on the mouth than the more rigid Italian style.

          Also, for really good French sourdough, try St. John's on Broadview, 1 block north of Queen. I absolutely love their olive bread. Taste very provencal, it's like built in tapenade!

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            St. John's usually has a stall at the Withrow Park and Riverdale (I think) farmer's markets. I'll check them out.

          2. I'm generally a fan of Celestin's bakery. Their french loaf is nice a crusty with a bit of chewiness, just the way I like it. Their almond croissant, though a pastry and not a bread rec, is another fave of mine. So far, it's been a favourite outside of Paris, though I have yet to try the other bakeries - thanks for the recs CH's. I will definitely check them out.
            Cheers and Happy Eating!